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Re: Changes to Equipment

Post by Rache » 21 Jan 2021 18:38

Amberlee wrote:
21 Jan 2021 15:23
Cherek wrote:
21 Jan 2021 13:42
Amberlee: Yes, that was the whole idea. It would be pretty pointless otherwise.
Well I gave you a pointer on where to start fixing things then :)
And also word of advice.
Simply good equipment with a certain droprate is not really worth it.
For a Balrog size fight, perhaps something for everyone participating in the fight and rather make it perhaps a once to twice per arma thing?
Amberlee's completely right. It is known that the Balrog's items are largely regarded as unusable trash. Also, if you were to make such monsters for groups to kill, please don't take the lazy way out and just make them immune to all magic. A group of casters should be no less effective than a group of melee. Hell, Gandalf the Grey solo'd the Balrog and no one cried to the immortals 8-)

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Re: Changes to Equipment

Post by nils » 22 Jan 2021 11:23

Rache wrote:
21 Jan 2021 18:38
Hell, Gandalf the Grey solo'd the Balrog and no one cried to the immortals 8-)
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