Equipment, a lottery.

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Re: Equipment, a lottery.

Post by serander » 31 Jan 2022 19:06

What's the problem?
What we have here is a simple matter of supply and demand.
Supply is abysmally low, demand incredibly high, especially for
weapons where good combinations/options are few (knives).
This creates situations where players camp and hoard items,
instead of actively playing the game grinding or RP-ing.

It all becomes a loooong ass equipment hunt.

I personally don't get why all this effort is being made to limit
the amount of high-tier gear in the game. In what way does
that make the game better or more fun to play?

Simple solution would be just to increase the drop rate.
If supply is high enough, there is no incentive to camp and
hoard things, and you won't be able to make $$$ on auctions.

Is team-forcing the solution?

Personally, I don't feel forcing teaming will improve the situation any.
Drops will still be abysmally low and the team would not be able to
gather equipment for the whole team, with the risk that the
ones getting geared will drop off becaause they are happy with
their stuff right now.

Besides, all you would do is to skew the drops to the player that
teams, not really improving the situation - rather just changing
the distribution.

I'm all for improving teaming in Genesis, but I don't think this will
solve anything in regards to the "equipment lottery".

Long term
Ideally (long term) I would think it would be more fun to introduce
"bosses" who require the teams Nils talks about, but then a la WoW,
drops personal loot-bags for people involved in the kill.

Each allowing random drops. Perhaps with a bias towards things that
match the OCC guild they are in (higher chance for knives for FK, clubs for AA etc).

Make it worth something for everyone who participate in taking down
the Undead Dragon of Raumdor or whatever boss you feel like making.

Those would be fun end-game objectives, and also a good way to
drop worthwhile loot, keeping the current system for the "non team"
NPC's (but with higher drop rate).

/Seranders player

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Re: Equipment, a lottery.

Post by Dhez » 01 Feb 2022 15:06

How to easily solve gear scarcity, hoarding and such? Make all gear non break. The 90/4 days longevity thing was very succesful if we compare it with the glowing mechanics of the past. If we all could rely on that for all items there would be less of an intense need to hunt for weapons that break after 4 hours of grinding.

That would lead to more grinding and less gear hunting, yes, but we could solve player size inflation with a cap on growth at some point.

Gear hunting is fun, but I think the problem is having to gear camp for days so you can grind for a few hours.

(Size cap = Genesis' version of Godwin's law)
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