Where to grind on which level?

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Re: Where to grind on which level?

Post by Budwise » 29 Jul 2022 13:04

Have u tried giving Qalita a gold coin? ;)
Lots of grinding will ensue.

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Re: Where to grind on which level?

Post by Yoritomo » 24 Sep 2022 09:33

Satyrs, Calia (good)

As an over half-way apprentice I found this area too hard for grinding. I can clear one room before needing to run away if I'm lucky with hits and dodges.

Orc Fortress, Sparkle (evil, almost neutral?)
I was using this area until I got scared out by a magical vision. The enchanter doesn't consider me too strong though, so I can't buy a necklace to get back in. Again, over half-way to wanderer right now.

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