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Re: Website Update

Post by Cherek » 23 Aug 2022 14:23

I have updated the 'Resources' page on the website with a couple new additions (and also done some cleaning up). The resources page is found here:

1. There is now a link to the Genesis Client App on Microsoft Store. This has existed for a while (thanks Cotillion!), but for some reason I have forgotten about adding the link to the website. You can download the app to any Windows computer, and run Genesis as a standalone app instead of in a browser. The functionality is exactly the same, but it's pretty nice, isn't?

Check it out! And regardless if you plan on using it or not, feel free to give us a nice review. That helps visability in the store, which leads to more people trying out Genesis.

Here is a direct link to the Genesis App on Microsoft Store: ... verviewtab

2. Many of you have probably come across the "Grimoire Scroll Generator" that makes a it a lot easier to send in-game letters in "scroll format". This amazing tool, originally created by Toferth, was hosted elsewhere for a long time. However, recently it went offline for unknown reasons, but Kelrhys managed to recover the source code and sent me a version that is now hosted on the Genesis website. Big thanks to Kelrhys for saving it, and any work that went into adapting it for a new host. And of course big thanks to Toferth created the original version.

Direct link to the scroll generator: ... moire.html

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