Misc item weight

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Misc item weight

Post by Postmaster » 06 Mar 2023 00:40

Originally posted by Saradas

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Hello all,

I've heard some people saying they are tossing items like the staff of Aeria or
others (maybe golden scabbard?) because of the little extra weigh being a
useless detriment.

I also see some small weights on guild items which are generally not affecting
anything, for example the Mariner spyglass I appraise to be at 500g. The staff
of Aeria (being quite cool) is 1.1kg, which is.. not fully negligible.

On the other hand we see items like the performers trumpet at 0 weight, tally
stick at 1g.

Not sure about the accuracy of the above, but the extremity of the differences
can't be just appraisal mistake.

Could it be possible to suggest some items to be reduced to 0 weight? The staff
is now not even related to magic as it used to, so can it not be at 0 weight,
just a nice trinket to remind us of past quests and once in a while maybe use
it's light for real?


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