The Club, help needed

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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by Trog » 09 Feb 2023 16:38

Trog proudly shows off his toroid-shaped medal as he admires all its exquisite details.

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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by Quantum » 09 Feb 2023 20:00

<player> pulls out a gem-studded thoroid and yells "This belongs in a museum!".
<player> runs off in a general direction.

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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by buddah » 09 Feb 2023 22:29

Buddha takes off his pinned medal, spins it on his finger, and says "A ring without a hole wouldn't fit me."
(thanks zelie)

Buddah takes out a Toroid-shaped token from his pocket, spins it around his finger, and says with a sigh:

"The realms are not flat, nor in the shape of a hat.
Don't climb the highest ledge, to see if there's an edge!
Do you live in a stone hut? Our home is a donut!"


Buddah glances around with suspicion, making sure there is no opposition, and makes the following proposition:

“So you desire to travel to Liwitch?
Then listen closely to my sales pitch!
An access token I can give to you,
but there are three things you must do!
First give Polly a grand cracker dish! 
Pray to our great Toroid to fulfill your wish, 
Then donate to our club with a flick and swish.”

Buddah reaches into his pockets and presents a token quite stylish.

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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by Bocephus » 11 Feb 2023 12:32

Bocephus holds aloft his torid shaped medallion and pronounces : Without the Dough you Nuts would have no sugary goodness
Bocephus tries to pay for some grog <item> but they dont accept his torrid medallion as payment
Bocephus throws his medallion in the air, it starts spinning around forming perfect doughnut shapes leaving a fountain of sugar shimmering in the air before returning and leaving a sweet welt of stickiness on his face
Bocepus shows his medallion engraved with the words <the realms are naught without the dough>
Bocephus shouts without the dough, nuts would only be good for chipmunks
Bocephus hungrily bites into his lifelike donut medallion before cursing colourfully as he spits out his front teeth from his blood drenched mouth
close to death you try to use your donut shaped medallion to save yourself. You hear a voice in your head saying this is not that sort of club
could be a message when you die that gets added, or maybe lars could say something about not being able to pay 2 win if you are in the club

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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by Sollau » 12 Feb 2023 09:28

Lestaru tosses her appreciation club token in the air, laughing a fate: "donut or hole"?

Lestaru plays whit her toroid-shaped medal, reflecting sunlight towards <target>.

Lestaru shields her toroid-shaped medal from the light and proceeds with stealthy steps.

Lestaru conceals her appreciation club token to avoid drawing too much attention in the crowd.

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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by TreoThalamus » 06 Mar 2023 15:35

Treo holds his toroid-shaped medal while exclaiming - Share a Donut!

Treo holds his toroid-shaped medal while reminding everyone the importance of sharing the Donut!
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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by Archie » 04 Apr 2023 20:22

<player> ponders holding the world in <his/her/its> hands as <he/she/it> looks at the toroid-shaped medal.


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Re: The Club, help needed

Post by Cherek » 27 May 2023 00:10

The club is now finished and I used several emotes suggested by four different people in this thread. The four of you have been sent a PM with more information about how to collect your reward.

If you haven't received a PM, your suggestion(s) were not selected, but you still receive a big thank you for contributing!

I am locking this topic now.