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We need you!

Post by Greneth » 27 Aug 2023 18:01

Hey everyone, right now we're looking for submissions from the players to add to our player spotlight that will look like this.


So what do we need from you? A picture to work with, Heroforge has some great mini's that can be used like Tor did or Harlot has been doing amazing things with the AI. And then a testimonial from you, give us a short paragraph about your experiences in the game. Maybe a funny story, intense roleplay interaction or just a general overview of why you enjoy playing the game.

We'll also need a caption from you for the post which will appear as if you said it in-game or as an emote for example:

Greneth says: Genesis rules!
Greneth gets ready to wield his ban hammer and shouts, "You're outta here!"

You can reach out here, send me a private message or DM me in Discord.

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Re: We need you!

Post by vitwitch » 12 Sep 2023 07:50

Hi Greneth,

I don't have any kind of social media presence, but I am keen to provide information for
your wizard social media profiles.

Below is a very rough concept image for Vitwitch. I hacked this together to give an
idea of what it looks like since it is a non-humanoid neuter remnant of
creation energies. It wears a loose thatched robe to cover all the parts of its body
which are incomprehensible to mortals. Only its huge hands protrude like wings
from the robe. A V-shaped slot is cut into the robe so that it can see. Basically
Vitwitch is often mistaken as a large wizards hat, ignoring the energy swirling about
and hand-like wings.

If I am on the right track, I can work on the text and emote.

Kind regards,

VITWITCH_concept.png (389.5 KiB) Viewed 9328 times
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