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Post by Daerin » 19 Sep 2023 10:20

The misunderstood ogre.

Daerin looks like a extremely tall and very fat noble grim male ogre,
but looks can be deceiving. He is extremely tall and very fat just
not very noble nor grim.
He can often be seen with a not very smart look on his face on a
raft dragged by a pirate ship. Even among ogres he is considered to
be a bit slow and why he is on a raft when he is a member of the crew
is a story for another time, or not, but it involved too much grog and
tacos, crows nest duty, a huge splat, several days of scrubbing the
deck of the ship ending in sinking said ship.

So now he drifts along on his raft in peace, just as he like it. Daerin wasn't always an ogre. Once upon a time he was a respectful monk, possible a bit too drunk but still respected. And one day he was
cursed to become an ogre. He actually broke the curse once but after
seeing how complicated the world was he decided to go back to being
an ogre. Everything was so much easier when you only had four brain cells. One for each of his basic needs, eating, drinking, fighting, and...You guess it, for singing!

His dream was to be a world-famous minstrel that was cheered as he
entered a tavern. He had even written two songs himself. He would write a third one, but he would first have to learn to count to three.

Here he is for the first time performing his music in a small Inn in
the Shire. As he enters the innkeeper shout "OGRE!!!!
Wow!, they are already announcing me! Thought Daerin as people screamed in fear.
He walked up on the stage as people were fighting to get to the door.

A ONE N A TWO N A ONE TWO ERRR LOTZ? Further than that he didn't
get before soldiers burst in through the door and attacked him.


And just like that started the (mis)adventures of Daerin the misunderstood ogre

Art by Anniyas

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