Death and XP Loss

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Death and XP Loss

Post by Ckrik » 06 Feb 2024 07:15

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Greetings citizens of the donut!

Recently Lars and Death were reminiscing about the past and good old
Death complained that visits to his lair by old familiar souls have
become scarce. Seeing that those souls are now legends and myths in the
realms, Death lamented that they must be too rich and too powerful to
socialize with poor old him now. He then penned a letter to the AoB
team demanding that we forcibly increase visits to him by allowing the
Turkeysaurus that ravaged the donut recently to reside in Sparke
permanently -- yes, Death lobbies the AoB too!

Leaving aside that Death has awfully hellish taste in interior decor and
would prefer to keep his guests for eternity, we, the immortals of
Genesis, have decided that visits to Death by old souls are indeed too
scarce and the underlying reason is that the toll to Death's lair for
some have become too exorbitant due to many years of inflation. However,
rather than cutting the toll directly, in true bureaucratic fashion, we
have decided that "taketh before giveth" would serve our agenda the best.

Dying will still exact the same toll in your accumulated experience --
a quarter of your combat and general experience. The discounted brute XP
recovery mechanism will be abolished and replaced by a far more generous
replacement. Except for AoP issued punishments for breaking rules, the
replacement will also apply to XP loss not due to death. It has also been
scaled such that the more toll you pay, the more you will benefit. We
expect that folks with more experience will still take longer to recover
from death, but the difference between someone who lost a lot and
someone who lost only a little will no longer be many months worth of
constant grinding. Death will still sting, but full recovery should no
longer be as daunting for those who are quite experienced. Lars, like a
shrewd politician, has decided to help restore lost experience as well.

It is our hope that citizens of the donut will be inspired to take more
risks as a result of this change and perhaps decamp from their favorite
"safe" rooms more often.

The change will be effected upon the next Armageddon and reset of the

Following this global change, "help xp-loss" will be available as a
summary of the new XP loss game mechanic. General information about
dying in Genesis will also be found under "help death".

For more detailed information about this, please visit this thread on
the forums:

There you can also ask questions and give us feedback.

Ckrik, Arch of Balance
Cherek, Keeper of Genesis

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Re: Death and XP Loss

Post by Thalric » 06 Feb 2024 11:49

How about characters that are on recovery right now?
(I got a couple. Making changes and then giving up is rather common.) :)

Will this affect them too, in however way it is changed?

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Re: Death and XP Loss

Post by Cherek » 06 Feb 2024 14:58

Thalric wrote:
06 Feb 2024 11:49
How about characters that are on recovery right now?
(I got a couple. Making changes and then giving up is rather common.) :)

Will this affect them too, in however way it is changed?
Please see this thread that contains more information, and the answer to your question: viewtopic.php?t=5960

Everyone: Please read the thread above if you have questions, and if you can't find the answer there, ask the question in that thread. That way we have everything about death recovery in one place. I am locking this thread.