Anyone else getting "fake" coins?

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Anyone else getting "fake" coins?

Post by Budwise » 01 Mar 2024 17:25

I have been getting "fake" silver coins for a while.
Fake in the sense that they drop out of inventory when quitting out.

But today I also got 8 gold coins that act like that.

Either Sparkle shop, provisions seller in Fort near boat to Bazaar.
Or shop, gemshop, armour smith, bank in the Bazaar.
Otherwise some sneaky boatcaptain I guess or shops/bank/smith in Gelan.

Or Cherek trying to save up for old age? ;o)

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Re: Anyone else getting "fake" coins?

Post by Cherek » 01 Mar 2024 23:46

Mercade was doing some work on coins not long ago. I would suggest sending him a mail in-game and let him know about this. If we have fake coins floating around, Mercade should be able to sort it out.

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