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Post by Mim » 01 Apr 2024 00:03

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Happy easter everybody!

It is nice to be back again.
Been here a few days and a lot of old, nice and ugly faces, as always, show up
and greet me.
Read on the forum about the eternal conflict, good vs evil, darkness vs light.
Brings up fond memories from the past. It never stops, does it? :)

A friend asked me about the cap stone.
I had never heard anything about a capstone and we were both puzzled about it.
He had converted stones to a PRO cap stone, but it did not visibly help him a
When I tried it, it did not affect me either....
.... until I checked my stats.
LOW progress after 15 Moria orcs!
'Stats' showed 'very touchy'!

So the capstone raises the QXP-cap.
My friend who is a lousy quester was not affected at all, as he hasnt reached
the quest cap lvl.
But for Mim, who have done all the old quests (katana, book, old torque, etc
etc) it did tremendous effect!

Some more tests showed that a PRO capstone might raise the QXP-cap to something
like 48% above the normal lvl.
Meaning a player like Mim who has 2-3x qxp above the cap can grind in 1-2 days
what normally takes 3-4 weeks.

Conclusion, do never stop questing.
Quest all quests on the orbs and do them every wednesday and saturday, to
maximize the effects from the capstone.

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