Windemere - the Odd little Kender

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Windemere - the Odd little Kender

Post by Windemere » 15 Sep 2010 17:27

Born like most Kender, on the road, Windemere was odd right from birth. His fingers were much slightly shorter than other kenders and his fingers were not quite as nimble. This gave him a lot of difficulty and he was forced to rely on his mother much more.

You might ask, where was his Father, is frequent in Kender geneology the father is usually gone on some adventure well before the little kender is born. This was certainly the case here. Windemere had a lot of issues as a small kender. He was a lot less skilled at borrowing than the other kenders, he could not quite handle a lock pick as well, but he made up for all of this with two other very special gifts.

Windemere was the best of all his friends at escaping the guards inside a city. He was very nimble and this made up for his the other skills he was lacking. Often when the guards would try to throw Windemere out of the city he would escape, and if he could not escape his second skill would certainly save him. Windemere was born with a silver tongue.

Not literally of course, that would be weird and kind gross, and really hard to chat with and just plain painful! Windemere had the gift of persuasion. He was able to form sentences that were clear, logical, and made sense to everyone. He could often convince the guards that he was a special envoy from Kendermore in their city to meet with the Mayor, or Chancellor, or even Highlord! Windemere could spin his stories so well that often he would believe them and afterwards go and visit with the mayor even though he never meant to in the first place!

These skills were merely skills of survival for Windemere. He never did like to lie or fib or spin stories to achieve his purpose. They always made him feel evil. So he turned over a new leaf and went on a new adventure! He started asking a lot of really weird questions that no one knew the answers to. All these questions eventually lead him to find the Temple of Psuchae where he began to find some of the answers and many more questions to be answered. Eventually he was chosen to serve Psuchae as one of the Clerics and has been there ever since.

Windemere still has the same issues and the same skills though now he uses them for a different purpose. His tongue he uses to soothe, explain, guide, and aid. No longer does he feel a need to escape anyone, he feels safe and content where he has made his home. Many Kender would say Windemere is not a Kender...but he is a different sort. Just like the Kendrasti exist, Windemere is a different Kender, but never forget he is still a Kender none the less.

Ever inquisitive, ever joyful, ever quirky, and ever enjoyable, Windemere wanders the realms of Genesis trying to add something to the lives of everyone else.

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