Minstrel layman guild recode now live.

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Minstrel layman guild recode now live.

Post by Arman » 22 Dec 2019 11:52

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Hi everyone,

The Minstrel recode has been completed, with the guild being converted over to
the standardised magic system.

Existing members will need to visit the central courtyard of the Minstrel's
Palace and rub the swirling azure orb there to transition to the new code.

New members only need to dedicate an instrument to a Muse, as per usual with
joining the Minstrels.

Specifics on what has changed is outlined in more detail on the Minstrel guild
common board.

In addition, a Performers Club has been opened at the instrument repairer for
non-Minstrels. This will allow other players access to new performance

Arman Kharas

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Re: Minstrel layman guild recode now live.

Post by Rincon » 23 Dec 2019 08:33

Before X-mas! Amazing!

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