New wizard position: Liege of Promotion

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New wizard position: Liege of Promotion

Post by Cherek » 21 Feb 2020 06:00

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As I mentioned in my State of the Donut post, one of my goals
was to form a dedicated team working exclusively with promoting 
Genesis, and the first step towards that has now been taken.

While I inofficially held a position called "Liege of Promotion"
a couple of years ago, I have now resurrected this title and 
created new domain called "Promotion", and appointed Greneth
as liege - making him the first _real_ Liege of Promotion in
Genesis history. Congratulations!

Wait! Greneth? The same Greneth who is admin and creator of 
the Genesis Discord channel? Yes, that Greneth. As a player 
he has done more promotion work than most during the last couple 
of years, spreading the word about our great game on various 
Internet forums, tirelessly handing out paper flyers on 
conventations, and of course starting up the now very popular
Discord channel. Now it's time to see what he can do in his
new official role. I think he will do terrific, and I am excited 
that we now have a wizard who will focus only on promotion, and
nothing else.

When it comes to the Discord channel, it will from now on
be treated as an official Genesis meeting place. However, and
this is important, this does NOT mean the Admin has now taken
over the Discord chat. The current Discord admins and moderators 
will remain, and it will be managed as a collaboration between 
wizards and players, where we together decide what we want it 
to be. More information about this can be found on Discord.

And no, I still haven't received any suggestions for a cool
Keeper slogan, except one that was "keep the current one". So,
until someone comes up with a better idea, I will.

<insert cool slogan here>
Cherek, Fresh Keeper of Genesis

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