The Dragonarmies of Ansalon

When the Dark Queen returned to Krynn, as did her fell children dragons. In preparation for Her war of conquest, these dragons formed an unholy alliance with wicked men, and thus the Dragonarmies were formed. Under the command of the Blue Dragon Highlord Kitiara, warriors of the Blue Dragonarmy are able to summon blue dragons to aid them in combat, and transport them to the various battlegrounds around Krynn. They are also skilled swordsmen, and source recruits for their army from the fiery city of Sanction.

The Red Dragonarmy is under the command of the mighty Highlord Ariakas, self-proclaimed Emperor of Krynn. Red Dragonarmy warriors are skilled in the use of polearms. As with the other armies, the warriors of the Red Dragonarmy are also able to summon dragons to aid them in combat and as transport. The Red Dragonarmy recruits from Sanction.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Sanction, Taman Busuk, Ansalon.