The Dunedain

The Dunedain are superior to other humans in body, mind and spirit. They are tall, dark-haired and grey-eyed, and are blessed with long life. All of the Dunedain possess great wisdom and foresight, and speak both Adunaic and the language of the elves. The City of Pelargir was founded by the Dunedain, and their Halls and histories are located there. The Halls of the Dunedain offer training in several skills including herbalism, spellcraft, and trading.

The Dunedain are proud of their heritage, and are divided into Houses representing the family lines, and devoted to each family's unique heritage and role in history. The Lord or Lady of each House is responsible for the history of each House, setting the policies therein, and verifying the claims of blood ties for those wanting to declare publically their Dunedain heritage. The Dunedain have a diverse membership, where some houses pledge loyalty to Sauron and others will only accept those who oppose the Dark Lord.

Type: Race.
Location: Pelargir, Gondor, Middle-Earth.