Gladiators of Athas

The Gladiators of Athas are the great duelists of a doomed land. They live and die in the arenas that dot Cirath, ears ringing with screams. Screams of the bloodthirsty crowds, fallen opponents, and their own. Some say that most gladiators even hear their own death scream, echoed in their worst nightmares. It is this that gives them their fearless drive, which a lesser man would call madness. Of course they are entertainers as much as warriors, so the ferocity could be as much acting as reality, but the crowds don't care. So jaded are the people of this land that only by watching another kill and die for them can they imagine triumphing over their own problems.

Death is the way out, except for those who have spent enough time within these dusty halls and proven themselves to be of some worth. They may instead purchase their freedom. Be warned, the greater your worth to the guild, the heavier the price of freedom will draw on your purse strings.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Tyr, Cirath.