The Thornlin Militia

The Militia use polearms to be able to defend themselves and their lands from whatever comes along, whether it be a wild boar or a band of brigands on horseback.

Because they are a town militia and not a branch of the army of Gondor, they do not have anything much in the way of hierarchy or internal politics. Only a few rules, and no officers. One must not fall under the influence of Sauron, no orcs, hobgoblins, trolls or other foul races need apply, none who have ever attacked the town may apply, and attacking Rangers, Gondorian soldiers, Heralds of the Valar, or guildmates will not be tolerated.

Type: Occupational or Layman.
(note: The occupational option only offers layman level of power. This is a rare concept in Genesis, but allows players the option to roleplay a citizen of Thornlin as their primary occupation even though it is not a very powerful option.)

Location: Thornlin, Gondor, Middle-Earth.