The August Order of Minstrels

The August Order of Minstrels, as you have probably guessed from the title, is a bardic guild. Our lives and our destinies revolve around music, around the beauty and power of sound captured by instrument or the human voice. And the power of sound is great, make no mistake about it! Our Muses, those divine arbiters of music, have blessed us with many powers both offensive and defensive. Even in death itself does our potent music aid us.

The minstrels are a layman's guild; we neither demand a great sacrifice nor promise a great return. The skills you shall train in here are few, but those few fields you may truly master. The benefits of our guild lie within the power of our music and the abilities granted us by our Muses.

All may aspire to join our ranks. Come, humans and elves, hobbits and dwarves and gnomes. Come, goblins, let our training sweeten your harsh voices and make nimble your crude digits. Come all and march under the banner of the Muses.

Type: Layman.
Location: Dabaay, Terel.