The Necromancers of Vile Darkness

To early man, the spectre of death was an ever-looming shadow on the horizon, be it from war, starvation, disease or from the elements, death was man's greatest mystery, and thus his greatest fear.

These are the mortals who have turned to the dark arts to seek escape from death. Or power over death, by tapping into the raw negative forces to do their bidding, but in so doing, they risk to be shunned and hated by all of normal society. Because they study the most feared and maligned school of magic, an ancient form of death worship that pre-dates recorded history by thousands of years.

Necromancy -- the mere word strikes terror, disgust, and a dark curiosity in the hearts of mortals. Yet, there are those who fear not the magic of death but accept its embrace willingly, for it is their chosen path, they are the Necromancers, speakers to the dead, conjurers of entropy, and disdained by those of the mainland.

Type: Layman.
Location: Below the Waterdeep, Faerun.