Rangers of the Westlands

The Rangers are a part of the fighting forces of the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Founded by the Dunedain as scouts, the Rangers now accept representatives of all the Free Peoples, except Goblins and Kender, to defend Gondor, and to retake Ithilien and Arnor from the minions of the Dark Lord.

The struggle is tough, for the enemy's forces are numerous and strong, and at times only the hope of the return of the king keeps their spirit up. But the lands are beautiful, and the hope of renewed peace and prosperity is great enough inspiration to keep them going.

Those who join the Rangers can learn how to use different weapons. They also learn spells and potions to aid in their patrols and to defend themselves. The Rangers are a peace-loving group, but can become fierce fighters when they must defend themselves or others.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Somewhere in Middle-earth.