Union of the Warriors of Shadow

The Union of the Warriors of Shadow are a school of warriors that were originally founded to be the elite guard for the royalty of Sybarus City in Avenir, and have since branched out to form their own Union, almost a cult even, based on pride, dignity, grace, and purity.

To join the Union, the player must first find the guildhall, which is hidden. The guildhall was origionally in Sybarus City, but repeated attempts by Infidel revolutionaries to destroy it forced it to move 'underground', thus making it somewhat difficult to find. Once granted leave, the player must obtain the approval of the Elders. A quest is given to those who are approved for entry. When the quest is solved, and if the player is not a goblin or dwarf (races which are seen as too clumsy to be a proper member), the player can then join the Union.

A player may at any time leave the Union with the command 'betray the union' in the pendentive. Death is the penalty for leaving of your own accord.

Type: Occupational.
Location: Somewhere in Avenir.