The Spirit Circle of Psuchae

The Clerics of the Spirit Circle are in the service of Psuchae, the Elemental that reigns over the insubstantial aspects of reality. We are the guardians of secrets and the shepherds of lost souls. All souls are precious to Psuchae, and guidance will be granted to every spirit who seeks it with an open and honest heart.

The Spirit Circle is called forth by Psuchae to oppose those who seek to break the Balance of the Cycle, by ensnaring the Soul into Undeath. The Clergy will oppose the Soulless and their allies with the will of Psuchae as our aid.

Should you yearn for pearls of wisdom from the Enlightened, seek the Temple of the Element of Spirit and Ruler of Shadow, hidden in the lands of Calia. If you are found worthy, we may provide you the gift of our radiant strength, our immaculate comfort, and our luminous insight.

Type: Occupational and Layman (Combined).
Location: Temple of Psuchae, Calia.