The Traveller's Guild

For many years, the humans of Genesis roamed the lands, fighting their battles for the forces of Good and of Evil. But all was not well for the humans in the lands of Genesis.

In the East, the feeble elves, who had long been under the shadow of the better races, realized the strength that numbers bring, so they banded together to form the Wildrunner Guild. This Guild was a first in Genesis, and was to prove to be a great move on the part of the elves. Sharing this common link of their racial guild, they aided one another, and quickly usurped the mantle of power that had been shared by a few humans.

Saddened by their loss of powers the great wizard Varl gathered together a few trusty humans and set up a Guild for all humans in the small village of Cove. This Guild was off the beaten track, and it took many people a long time to find, but this did not matter, as it was a Guild of Travellers. When the village of Cove was destroyed, the guild moved to Gont, capital of Earthsea.

Type: Race.
Location: Gont City, Earthsea.