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Special Events

What are Events?
Events are one-time (or few-time) happenings that are not hard-coded into the game. They are run and moderated by wizards, who may create items and/or NPCs specifically for the event, and may also play the role of general or specific NPCs in the events while they are enacted. Events in general can be divided into game-like and (roleplay) quest-like events.

Example of a game-like event.
An example of a game-like event would be a game-wide scavenger hunt, where one has to acquire certain items, and the person who does so fastest wins. Another example would be an egg-throwing contest, where the last person that is not hit would win, or perhaps the person who hit most people before he got hit himself.

Example of a roleplay quest event.
A pigeon flies up to you and gives you a message. You are given a message from Lord Denethor II himself, who requires your help in recovering his niece, who has been taken hostage. You gather a team around you, and set off to where the abductors were last spotted. You interact with suspicious individuals (NPCs controlled by wizards), negotiate clues, and eventually, through wit and courage, recover Denethor's niece, (NPC controlled by a wizard) and bring her back to safety in Minas Tirith, where you and your team get rewarded for your deeds with experience.

Some differences between an event quest and a regular quest.

  1. Regular quests are hard-coded into the game and are available for all mortals. Events are one-time (or few-time) occurrences, which are available to a subset of all mortals, often depending on being at the right spot at the right time.
  2. Regular quests have specific syntaxes. In events usually a looser form of language can be used because NPCs are wizard controlled.
  3. In events, besides the actual solution, also Roleplay is greatly appreciated by the organisers and can be rewarded.
  4. cOften regular quests can only be done by one person at the time, in events teaming is usually encouraged, as this creates a richer roleplay atmosphere.

Event rewards.
Rewards can be any or all of the following, depending on the nature of the event:

  • quest experience,
  • general experience,
  • generally available items such as currency or a good weapon,
  • special items, created specifically for the event.

Who are the wizards involved in events?
The Arch of Events (AoE) is the ultimate responsible wizard for events. The AoE has a team of wizards (Event Team) that help him regulate, promote, co-ordinate, and execute these events. In addition to that, the Liege of a domain can also organise events within his own domain.

How can mortals influence events?
Mortals can submit their ideas for events on the board in the Office of the Arch of Events. The notes on this board can not be read by other mortals. Suitable ideas may be used by the wizards responsible for events.

In the Mvsevm of Events in Sparkle, one can have a look at the previous events and admire its winners. Souvenirs for the rich and poor are available at the Mvsevm's souvenir shops.

Previous events include:

  • Artistic events such as the Poetry Event and Theatre Play Event (plays are still running daily at the Mvsevm)
  • Guild vs. guild contests such as the Tree Growing Event (visit the Garden in the Mvsevm and admire the trees the guilds have grown)
  • Individual collection/trade events such as the Stamp Event and Easter Egg Events
  • individual/team collection events such as Scavenger Hunts, Clean the Donut Events, Teeth Collecting and the Stew Cooking Event. (buy a bowl of Genesis Stew at the Mvsevm)
  • Role-playing events such as Save the Kidnapped Niece of Denethor II and Bring Back the Stolen Key
  • Other events such as the Tag Event, (Don't) Fall into the Hole Event, Save the World from the Terrible Easter Bunnies Event and the Mother's Day Event