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by Rincon
10 Jan 2020 11:47
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Changes to equipment decay implemented
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Re: Changes to equipment decay implemented

Can you add a way to sort eq in racks, so one can know which weapon/armour to use up first depending on its age?
by Rincon
23 Dec 2019 08:33
Forum: Common Board
Topic: Minstrel layman guild recode now live.
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Re: Minstrel layman guild recode now live.

Before X-mas! Amazing!
by Rincon
10 Dec 2019 15:39
Forum: Logs and Stories
Topic: Nazgul Party
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Re: Nazgul Party

That sure was fun! :)
by Rincon
21 Nov 2019 22:58
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Perma-saving items
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Re: Perma-saving items

Or... keep non dulling weapons, but make them impossible to imbue. Also set a general rule that average 'to hit' + 'pen' of a non dulling weapon cannot be greater than e.g. 40 (up to you Arman, ofcourse). So an FBB would be 35/45, crystal axe 30/50, etc.
by Rincon
08 Nov 2019 09:01
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

compare stats with it You can only compare your stats to those of another living. compare stats with undead You are stronger than the nightmarish gaunt apparition. You are a bit better coordinated than the nightmarish gaunt apparition. You are a bit healthier than the nightmarish gaunt apparition. ...
by Rincon
05 Nov 2019 09:35
Forum: Common Board
Topic: 14th All Hallows Eve Scavenger Hunt
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Re: 14th All Hallows Eve Scavenger Hunt

Great job on the event guys! Although I'm not participating in the Scavenger Hunt, I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating the riddles. I hope you had as much fun as the folks solving them :)
by Rincon
30 Jul 2019 23:44
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Topic: Impending changes to 'quietstone' imbues
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Re: Impending changes to 'quietstone' imbues

If you're implementing this change, then perhaps you should consider penalizing magic users for wearing full plate armours? In every RPG I know sorcerers basically can't cast spells while wearing heavy armour. Should rogues be able to sneak, hide and backstab just as effectively while wearing heavy ...
by Rincon
26 Jul 2019 19:37
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Death Recovery ?
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Re: Death Recovery ?

To redistribute your stats. If you were a fighter and wanted to switch to magic-user, you might want to consider resetting your stats (switch from physical to mental). This is not obligatory ofcourse, but if you are extremely violent, have supreme strength and rather low intelligence, then your mage...
by Rincon
23 Jul 2019 23:42
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Ogres and their morals... or lack thereof
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Re: Ogres and their morals... or lack thereof

I think that Genesis has taken a wrong turn along the history... people started accusing others of double standards, whining on the forums, complaining to the AoP, enforcing their view on how others should play the game, etc. Back in the ol' days people would have written a story out of it for young...
by Rincon
24 Jun 2019 12:18
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Small annoying things...
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Re: Small annoying things...

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Fun experiment: wear a pair of gloves, wield two swords, then remove those gloves...Without letting go of the swords.
Or... walk into a pub wielding a huge two-handed battleaxe, order a beer and drink it without letting go of the axe! Beat that ;P