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DO Flavour

Post by Amastacia » 08 Jul 2020 19:33

Hello all.

I have recently reprised my old character after a long time, and am enjoying pottering about the realm once again. I was never a hardcore player, and I do not think that I will ever devote as much time to the game to reach the highest levels. My primary enjoyment comes from exploring the world and immersing myself in it, roleplay, customizing appearances, equipment and cosmetics, and questing (although I am yet to do any since logging back in).

Returning to the game has, however, reminded me of some flavour inconsistencies that used to really bother me. The following concern the DO in particular.

1. I think it is well known that monks need to wear grand tower shields in combat, but I've always felt that it contradicts their combat style acutely. How am I punching my enemy or executing plexus or strike with my fist or open palm while dual-wielding huge shields? However, their combat effectiveness suffers if they choose not to wear shields for roleplay reasons. For the sake of flavour, would it be preferable to give monks some sort of cosmetic ability like 'harden skin' that would negate the necessity of using grand tower shields? I imagine that such an ability would simply raise the defence of the parts of your body that the shields protect, imparting exactly the benefit that the shields would. A monk could even be required to acquire dragon scales or something similar to fuel these casts, to mimic the cost of having to replace broken shields. Finally, walling the progression of such an ability behind your guild experience also better reflects the legend of Corudin. After all, in his hour of need, Corudin tapped into his inner dragon and gained an inner strength, instead of reaching for his stashed away tower shields.

2. If a replacement for shields is not likely to be considered, what is the consensus about a forge at the DO guild? Some background: When I had inquired about the consistency of flavour of monks using shields during my Seeker days, a former council member had justified it by comparing the shields to the scales of dragons. But, if so, surely a guild that advocates self-sufficiency and inner discipline should prefer crafting the shields themselves instead of procuring them from around the world? I understand that there could be some bias around this, as it would influence monks to take up smithing, but maybe this could be addressed in some way?

I am aware that I am raising some very niche issues, and also that other guilds might suffer from similar issues. I am also aware that there are a great many functional topics that take precedence as far as new coding is concerned. However, I wanted to share my perspective of this in a bid to see how others feel about this and to start a conversation, which might lead to something some day. I also thought this was pertinent as I noticed that there has been some discussion about plexus and possible combat revamp for the monks on this forum, and maybe this can be a cosmetic change that can be effected by any wizard who takes up the job at any time in the future (if at all).

I would love to hear how others feel about this.

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Re: DO Flavour

Post by Zhar » 08 Jul 2020 21:28

I think the easiest solution would be adding some additional features to one of the NPCs in the monastery who could exchange shields for training rings.


This would of course be only a cosmetic change, similar to how you can paint your gear in MT. I think this would solve a lot of complains with this particular quirk of the guild (I seriously can't look at people running around with 2 shields myself).
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Re: DO Flavour

Post by Rincon » 09 Jul 2020 00:20

Cock rings? wtf? :P

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Re: DO Flavour

Post by Mavros » 09 Jul 2020 01:21

Monks specializing in unarmed combat wearing two large metal shields seems unfeasible at best. The arm rings, however, are a fascinating idea and should be expanded upon.

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Re: DO Flavour

Post by Arman » 09 Jul 2020 05:46

We are working on a solution to phase out the use of shields for monks. Ckrik's activity has gone through the roof recently, and it wouldn't surprise me if we see changes in the near future. Definitely before xmas! (tm)

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