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by Karpath
16 Jan 2021 13:59
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The case for closure – fighter guilds
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Re: The case for closure – fighter guilds

Great idea Zhar!

Remember that the metric should sort out the people who are linkdying/idling - those are clearly not "active" players in the guild now are they ;)
by Karpath
11 Feb 2020 17:45
Forum: Common Board
Topic: State of the Donut - 2019
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Re: State of the Donut - 2019

Great post, I love numbers :) And having been in the PoT for i don't know, a lifetime ?, I just love to see that the Priesthood has held it's stable numbers throughout the years and even had some growth the last year ( we know of course but it is nice to see it in percentage as well ) On the topic o...
by Karpath
26 Jan 2020 09:23
Forum: Common Board
Topic: A Keeper Steps Down ...
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Re: A Keeper Steps Down ...

Tipping my hat to you and wishing you all the best
In the wizyears to come. And thanking you for all the effort you have put into the baking the donut.

And as long as you do not disappear from my some 25ish year who list all is good :D

On a more positive side... time for more pie now.
by Karpath
17 Mar 2017 22:31
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Where to find herbs?
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Re: Where to find herbs?

Now, I'm not an herbalist, so I don't think I can really search for herbs. Therefore, where can I buy some angeltear or some other mana restoring herb? Any player can find herbs. If you are looking for specific herbs try the various herbshoppes accesible to all. There are some in Greenoaks and the ...
by Karpath
19 Jan 2017 18:34
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Middle-Earth in 2017
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Re: Middle-Earth in 2017

I guess a way to combat that would be to make trolls not neutral, and make it easier to become goodaligned. Also, for this to have any effect, make the evil guilds suffer from entering the wrong alignment, as goodie guilds do. I mean, why wouldn't Takhisis question a soldier's loyalty, if he became...
by Karpath
28 Jan 2016 13:32
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
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I live 50km away in Odense, there is really no excuse. I'll partake during the weekend.

Karpath / Ole.
by Karpath
28 Jan 2016 13:03
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Topic: Inspiring Roleplay
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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

My character only ever, or 95%, interact(ed) with people in the PoT. Diri of course, aside from her I've had notable good fun with Ravhin, Nellnight, Torg, Zap, Rage, Celephias, Chmee, Ugelplect, Stern, Trennagin, Pally and Mim (though I was in another geezer back then).

- me
by Karpath
16 Feb 2015 21:49
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Herald of the Valar
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Re: Herald of the Valar

In Tolkein there are few references to Heralds of the Valar. In the Simarillion, Heralds of the Valar, or those who were connected with them, were often Maiar. Like Sauron, Radagast, Sarumon and Gandalf. Take Eönwë for example. He was Herald of Manwë, Chief of the Maiar and in fact, when Sauron was...
by Karpath
29 Sep 2014 08:52
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Website update - Help needed
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Re: Website update - Help needed

Dark Age of Camelot was thriving before WoW was released ;-) Back in erh uhm 2002/3. Oh and Asherons Call And you forgot Ultima! :P
by Karpath
16 May 2014 17:27
Forum: Logs and Stories
Topic: Morrison attacks Bomrims team (including Yanus and Grampal)
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Re: Morrison attacks Bomrims team (including Yanus and Gramp

Draugor wrote:
Yanus wrote: Most of the time they act just like powerhungry script-kiddies with ego problems would.

You just summarized the guild :P
It is not the guild, it is the players.