Inspiring Roleplay

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Inspiring Roleplay

Post by gorboth » 23 May 2013 02:08

Hello all,

Its been too long since we've taken the time to honor those among us who hold high the indispensable standard of roleplay in the realms.

So, in this thread I'd love to hear testimonies about players who continue to inspire you by their own standard or excellence in this regard. I'll start!

Some time ago (a ways back, but I don't pay attention as much as I should) I had the joy to witness Chade hold forth with one of the most sizzling sessions of roleplay I've ever witnessed. It was a one-on-one tour de force vs. Gadez in the Tower of Dark Sorcery in Minas Morgul. No swords were swung, and no spells were intoned ... rather, the words and emotes did all the combat, and it was one of the best things I've ever seen in Genesis. So ... my hat remains off to Chade for that one interaction, which I presume was not unique to this character, but which inspired me to no end.


p.s. Anything other than praise and positive stuff in this thread will be promptly deleted! (fair warning)
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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Elita » 27 Jan 2016 20:28

OK, let's kick this old horse a bit :P

I have had some amazing interactions with the characters
Diri, Always solid in her RP. We might not see eye to eye on everything, but always interesting encounters.
Otaril (That grunt/pirate has his RP locked in tight!)
Gub (Another grunt/monk also incredible),
Hektor, Creed and Sionell
Hades (when he felt like RP'ing that is),
Generally the MM's are good, Remember a paticular meeting as a Merc visiting the Cadets and this Wraith shows up, he hisssses and leave (atleast that is what we think) upon which the Cadets starts talking smack about the Mage how they are not to be feared etc. My char starts to advocate that they should be VERY afraid for a number of reasons etc. When the wraith turns up in my mind telling me I am right and that he is in the room and could slay the fool in seconds) that was an interesting meeting.
Jezebell was simply awesome,
Avatar!! superb!
and lastly Arcturus, hahaha, a BDA goblin wielding the Foul Stygian sword from the Thanar in Kalad ran into me (I was playing my Char Casbaar) adept Thanarian/Merc. And ofc I proclaim my superiority as Human and spoke in human tongue to him along with some derogative antics about how low he was and how good I was... Took him 2 swipes and then he meets me in the Church and tells me not to be so cooky next time... HAHAHA!

I could go on forever but these are the ones that just pops up in my head atm

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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Mirandus » 27 Jan 2016 21:41

Wow, great idea for a thread,

There are two specific instances I've had the pleasure of experiencing either in person or through reading the log afterwards. They have both been encounters between Mages and others.

The first was between Celephias, Kiara and Amorana. Kiara had managed to get herself caught in the throne room at the black tower when Amorana, thinking quickly, was able to convince Celephias she had the one ring. The back and forth between them was a site to behold and the final realization that he'd been tricked was impeccable.

The second was more recent and was between Etanukar and Kvator. Kvator had been summoned to make his case for not being slain. The back and forth here was fantastic. Both players sticking to their roles and playing their parts perfectly.

So, while there are many who have inspired me with their roleplay, right now in this moment I take my hat off to Celephias, Etanukar, Kiara, Amorana and Kvator.


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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Manglor » 27 Jan 2016 23:15

Etanukar. Scaring the bejesus out of mortals since 1995.
Hektor. Yes, an elf. Hektor has always been a great RPer, love him or hate him.
Aimee. That Knight/Bloodguard turned Vampyr stunt you pulled, while perhaps little-known, was epic.
Kirgwath and Iliana. Epic.

More to come as my foggy old brain remembers. Nice topic, G.

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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Ody » 28 Jan 2016 07:29

Manglor wrote:Etanukar. Scaring the bejesus out of mortals since 1995.
Etanukar is awesome. Plays his part well.
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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Avatar » 28 Jan 2016 10:18

What a fantastic thread!

I've encountered numerous characters over the years, that all deserve recognition, if only I could remember them all. From the top of my head, I'd list a few individuals, who, in one way or another, have enriched my time in Genesis through their roleplay.

Savannah - Her RP was simply perfect. Never did I see her step out of character.
A character that was colourful, perverted, and unpredictable.

Zethcas - How I miss my drow companion. The only male drow character, I
can remember, that actually played his male, the way it should be
played. Ever loyal, and just a thrill to be around.

Gadez - The game lost something, when he decided to leave the game, and
let this character be deleted. The reason why I joined the Tower for
a while. Have had SO many hour long discussions with him. Always
in a character. And what a character.

Diri - Never have I seen her go out of character. A character that is played to
the letter.

Zagar - One of the toons whom I truly miss interacting with. A scheming,
plotting, conniving character. Just like Avatar. No wonder they got
along so well.

Raffe - Ever will this crazy goblin be remembered. The halls of Angmar still
ring with his enthusiastic screams. A character that, more or less,
defined Angmar, as a guild. How we were perceived, and, to an extent,
still is, among the old timers.

Finglas - My old sponsor from the Knighthood. When he suddenly disappeared on
me, my time in the Knighthood came to an end. I could not see myself
there, after he left. My squire and he, had such a close relationship. I
really felt lost with her, after he vanished. Never did forget that time.

Aizorana - Always a pleasure interacting with her. Have always stuck to her RP.

Ambrosia - At one point, she was family. A mother to a toon of mine. What a time.

Jezebelle - Her portrayal of a female pirate, was a pleasure to experience.

Nellnight - Old Grumpy. Been a part of my Genesis life for the past 20’ish
years. Ever in character, ever gloomy, grumpy and epicly patient
when his daughter, my drow, tests him. Which happens all the time.
He is such a big part of my Genesis life, that I cannot see one without
this character in it. Thanks for MANY years of fantastic sessions.

Rhynox - The wise old dwarf. I remember when he came to the game. This
newbie dwarf, that was wise beyond his years. Always been a true
pleasure interacting with him.

Tanya - What a truly remarkable character. Played with such emotion. Such
depth. Our sessions over the years, have been nothing short of

Pentecost - Another soul, lost to the void. What a great friend, and a great
RP character.

Triss - Our time in Calia in the very early 90’s, was what kept me in
the game. The friendship between our characters. The interactions
when I left Calia, and leaving Triss feeling betrayed. One of the
very first characters I had an RP connection to. I miss you, old friend.

Ghorphys - This orc joined the game recently. I simply LOVE interacting with this
one. She has sparked something within the old shell of Avatar. Always
in character, and what a character.

Nergal - I true grunt. Could really stress the hell out of old Avvie, whenever they
crossed paths.

Aristos - This Morgul (when he was one), was the reason as to why I wanted to,
once again, interact with the Tower. Always in character. A character
much like Avatar. Make me think of the time when Zagar was a friend
to me. Real quality RP.

Emraht - I remember this one, as a pup orc, running after Avatar, wanting to know
evertything. The orc sure grew up. Into a morgul. And what a morgul. Such
impressive RP, and wit.

Just what I could remember, sitting here at work, looking busy. Apologies to those I have forgotten. I might add you, as you return to my addled brain.
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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Kitriana » 28 Jan 2016 12:33

Some of my old time favorites .. People who I really miss having their RP around in the game.

Alto -- the RoN Hobbit .. his RP always inspired me in my previous incarnation as a Ranger.

Denbarra - I recall reading one episode where he tried to convince someone he wasn't a vampire. This continued even as the sun continued to rise and he began to sizzle...

Isatis - Another Ranger who never stepped out of character ... truly immersive.

Amberlea - I am not sure I ever had much interaction with her. But she is the stuff of legends in the Union as far as what she contributed.
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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Karpath » 28 Jan 2016 13:03

My character only ever, or 95%, interact(ed) with people in the PoT. Diri of course, aside from her I've had notable good fun with Ravhin, Nellnight, Torg, Zap, Rage, Celephias, Chmee, Ugelplect, Stern, Trennagin, Pally and Mim (though I was in another geezer back then).

- me
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Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Etanukar » 28 Jan 2016 17:35

I recall an awesome jaw session with Ranger Nitramin in my days as a young mage at the crossroads in Ithilien. Back then the patrolling haradrim moved much more slowly, and we interacted for so long that they came along and chased her off... what a shame.
No weapons were raised nor spells invoked, but it lasted well over an hour. Quite fun indeed.


Re: Inspiring Roleplay

Post by Creed » 28 Jan 2016 17:44

When in the mood and around others who want the same, I too dive into the fantastic world of roleplaying.

My fondest memories are with Hektor, Zielia, Casbaar, Blond, Cornelius, Vallimar, Sionell, Diri, Eagledraco, Phoebe, Nellnight and probably a whole lot others who I cannot remember at this moment.

(If you feel left out, it's not that I don't want to honor you, it's just that my memory sucks).

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