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by Tharandil
29 Oct 2017 12:12
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Trollshaws
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Re: Trollshaws

I've tried pointing this out before but sadly all I get for answer is there is no changed planned too trollshaws. Feels like they mostly ignore the potential of Trollshaws but I guess they are mostly occupied with other "important" stuff. It would be a very welcome change for any goodie however, imo...
by Tharandil
20 Jan 2017 23:34
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Middle-Earth in 2017
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Re: Middle-Earth in 2017

plz fix shaws :roll: Thats is quite the empty comment. What, specifically, do you want fixed? Ofcourse, my mistake. Pretty much what Draugor is on about, they hurt too much for the tiny xp they provide. This could be a great place for the goodie titan-champ which some minor adjustments, and from my...
by Tharandil
19 Jan 2017 13:26
Forum: Land of the Immortals
Topic: Middle-Earth in 2017
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Re: Middle-Earth in 2017

plz fix shaws :roll:
by Tharandil
16 Jan 2017 14:50
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Opening up the Amazons
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Re: Opening up the Amazons

perhaps make it free for any female to join without needing someone to let you in?
by Tharandil
15 Dec 2016 20:19
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Palanthas ToA
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Re: Palanthas ToA

Trying to be funny but failing horribly :evil:
by Tharandil
11 Nov 2016 20:18
Forum: Game - Help
Topic: Where to grind on which level?
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Re: Where to grind on which level?

I feel like the big harads should be moved to the champ-legend category
If feel that they are pretty tough if you're rh-titan.
Might just be me tho
by Tharandil
12 Nov 2015 06:04
Forum: Game - General
Topic: The Herlads overtaking issue
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Re: The Herlads overtaking issue

It was rather amusing to see you in the Heralds and I had a good laugh about it, thanks!
by Tharandil
10 May 2015 12:46
Forum: Cornucopia - Everything Else!
Topic: Skype Names
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Re: Skype Names

having a massive skype chat is abit annoying tho, especially when you have skype on your phone, I vote IRC! #bringitback
by Tharandil
17 Feb 2015 22:48
Forum: Humor
Topic: In game humor
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Re: In game humor

Cherek wrote:
tharandil wrote:Nah I died and lost it I think, havent picked up a new one
So you didn't have one, but you got the vibration message anyway?
I guess I should have bug reported it instead of posting here ^^
by Tharandil
17 Feb 2015 21:23
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: A brute system revision
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Re: A brute system revision

What about brute decay? Based on say, size and quest xp... and/or increase/decrease the brute gained based on quest xp? Would it make quests less important but very valuable? or would it just make people bigger and bigger Not sure I follow, would that not just be another way of basically doing what...