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Re: Sharing Mudlet Packages

Posted: 18 Jun 2017 22:27
by Tarax the Terrible
Found the relevant config options.. It is well commented.

Code: Select all = {

Then you set up your own triggers, specifiying the tab name. EG

Code: Select all"Tabname") 

Ill put a few screenshots with examples on pbworks. ... t%20Window

Dak if your want to share your triggers we can update the package to make it usable out of the box with no setup required.

Re: Sharing Mudlet Packages

Posted: 18 Jun 2017 23:00
by Tarax the Terrible
Looking at Hairetikos for Genesis Package, there is a whole lot more stuff in there than just the cool status panel.
A lot of personal settings for aliases triggers guilds and other stuff.
Even a tool bar that part of it open pbworks pages :D
Id like to split the panel out for reusablility probably.

But the rest is great to look at for ideas for other stuff too.