Imbuements and balance

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Re: Imbuements and balance

Post by Arman » 11 Nov 2018 14:28

Rangers are a focus for me after the Krynn warfare system upgrade is finished. It isn't finished. I personally haven't said anything differently.

I have to say though, a recode isn't going to make them slaying machines. And I won't put a timeframe in for how long it will take, as recodes are messy.

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gold bezie
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Re: Imbuements and balance

Post by gold bezie » 11 Nov 2018 23:40

They dont need to be slaying machines, but as it is now it is so badly coded that there are several bugs (at least it was like that when i left) and they are so terrible underpowered compared by the other guilds, i must say it is ashame.
ofcourse wizards have lives and we dont blame them, at least i dont.
But yes the situation for the rangers is a mess for years (as long as i entered the realms it is)

I do am wondering Arman if the idea's ive shared (as well as other rangers) are still used even though you seem to take over now :)
No need to answer...
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Re: Imbuements and balance

Post by Watchereye » 11 Nov 2018 23:46

Shanoga wrote:Monks get to attack with two hands AND two feet. That's four attacks. Most weapon users only use 1 (two-handed) weapon. My understanding of fire-slay is that the damage of the imbue is independent of the weapon's damage. That leads me to think that monk hand spikes/claws/gloves that go on both hands would actually provide MORE benefits than a 2-handed weapon, with durability being the advantage of the weapon.

Of course, this could be wrong. I haven't looked into any of these details as a wizard, so this is just player knowledge/assumptions.

I want monks buffed as much as the next guy seeing as my main mortal is a monk - but more importantly I want balance.
Hey Shanoga,

Two things:
- I have tested a fire-slay trolls imbue on the snake-skin gloves and it does NOT hit actively when I hit, just reactively when the gloves slot is hit by them.
- I think in the quote there is a factor you need to count into, which is the way less chance to hit of unarmed. I believe it is four attacks at 25% hit chance.


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Re: Imbuements and balance

Post by gorboth » 15 Nov 2018 22:31

I split a bunch of stuff that started to talk about the Ranger recode into a new thread in the Guilds section, as Arman suggested.

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