RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for myths

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RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for myths

Post by Recoba » 26 Sep 2011 23:20

Everything Gorboth wrote on the common board sounds great, except the "myth domain" concept. I don't think it helps roleplaying to remove the myths to a special area where they won't interact with other players. For example, if I join a guild I want the big guns to be around in the "real world" with the rest of us and not off in some eliteland teaming with our mortal enemies and never seen by us mere mortals.

If the myths needs more challenge, wouldn't it be better to drop some insanely difficult areas and NPC:s (with accompanying awesome rewards) within the existing world and making them part of the context and conflict of the same Realms where all the other players live? That way we might not be xp:ing in the same area, but at least we'll meet on the road occasionally and also be able to interact more naturally in those moments when the irresistible lure of xp and loot momentarily fades.

Drop some super-Noldors near Imladris, several Nazguls with fell beasts, trolls and uruks in Dol Guldur, Elrond, the Mouth of Sauron, more dragons and death knights in Krynn, huge new monsters in the Kalad Waste, something new and terrible deep in the Underdark mines...

Also of course update existing things such as the Ents and the Balrog to make them more attractive as targets.

This would provide the super-challenges Gorboth is talking about

And just for the record, I'm all for a Game of Thrones-based domain. But let everyone visit, not just the myths :)

Thoughts, anyone? Gorboth?

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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Alorrana » 26 Sep 2011 23:49

It will only encurrage more power playing.. More npc to grind, more myths, more power playing.
(i think)

Ents and Balrog should indeed be changed, but should still be as hard to kill as they are now. But thats in the whole domain overhauling.. because take ME as it is now.. super borring and all to small.

It has as much potential as Krynn if not more.. Tolkien left ME to be build on.. I say lets do it.. Players are willing to make Npc, Areas, descriptions, (i think) and lets continue the ME sagas within genesis. We arent 100% true to the storie anyway, nor should we be.. we should focus on getting more cool features and things for players to do.

Guilds in general should have some stuff coded into them that will make them busy, keep them occupied. BDAs and RDAs should patrol the plains and get reports from npcs, about who travled past, who is taking the plains. ect ect.. have sertan out posts they needed to maintain in some way.

Not something that will make the players go.. Ohh fuck have to do this and that. But something more Interesting. Perhaps some guild goals as such.. one armageddon, the armies should focus on getting some NPC detained and brought to Sanction/Pax/Neraka.

Neidars could have a task to retake Moria, (or other areas of Dwarven interest.) And if they succeed, Dwarrowdelf would again be filled with Dwarves and the mithril mining will benefit the dwarven kingdoms.. So in their forges, they could have mithril rods/bars to enhance their armours and slightly improve AC on items. (just thoughts) And Angmar would then have to toss out the dwarves and reclaim Moria for the Dark master, and if they succeed, their benefit could be safe passage around moria, able to go buy mithril at the mine for use in the forges.. something something..:) but it would give two big guilds something to to in this case.
I know the Neidars has nothing to do with ME as such. But a club could be made. The longbeards. Longbeards (Durin's folk), who inhabited the city of Khazad-dûm in the Misty Mountains. to help the play fit..

Morguls should be ever constant on the search for the one ring. hunt ME all over and back again. and the ring ofc should be hold by Gollum, (NPC with sup guru in hide and sneak and unable to tire) who will then run hidden randomly around ME. and if they got the ring. ME from Shire to Mordor will be casted in to Darkness. (so you would see a Dark room) when not in cities. or bringing light.. a place where there be monsters..
Rangers and Militia should then fight to keep the ring out of enemy hands, by either keeping in safe, or destroying it.. but both would hunt it. for the future of ME. and if the Rangers got it.. then well.. Gondor will be strong, Osgiliath a working city with lots to offer. and orc will have trouble moving around in the strong daylight (orrrr something)

But these are some of the things I would like to see, to keep both players and guilds active and give them something to do actually..

thoughts G ? :)
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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Makfly » 26 Sep 2011 23:57

I honestly don't have much to add, but only that I completely agree with your entire note, Recoba.

Don't split up the playerbase with more domains, while the current domains could still benefit from being expanded. (Especially Middle Earth & Krynn)
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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Iliana » 27 Sep 2011 00:08

Middle Earth and Krynn don't need to be expanded as much as recoded or updated. There are plenty of empty or near empty domains that could benefit from some new guilds, clubs or crafts. Of course, all this is dependent upon the player base expanding and thus some wizards returning or new folks becoming wizards so there are people to do all this magical coding. So step one would seem to be to promote Genesis, increase the player base and see what happens. In a perfect world, we get lots of returning and new wizards who are all hungry to update existing guilds and add all sorts of new features!

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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Amberlee » 27 Sep 2011 00:59

What about Khalakhor?
No love for khalakhor :(
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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Celephias » 27 Sep 2011 02:40

I'm really torn about the notion. I do like the idea of having the area and teaming with people I don't normally team with. Almost like a 'higher calling' for all myths of the realms to put their differences aside and save the world as we know it or something (so we can go back to fighting with each other ;-)).

I sympathize with the idea that this will drain the myths from the game at a time when we are ramping the playerbase. Not a good thing.

Also, I do believe improving the domains as suggested in Allorana's note is a worthy endeavor.

I think a simple fix would be to make the myth area more episodic - have it happen only at certain times more like an event than a constantly available area. This might give us the best of all worlds.

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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Uther » 29 Sep 2011 17:01

*biggest GRUMBLE* ever made

Why are people so against grinders? Those who wanna achieve goals, those who plays the game cause they wanna grind.
I can name about 10-15 ACTIVE people of the playerbase that does that and we are all competing about the same areas.
Some has allready left the game cause they feel the game wont give them anything cause there aint enough
grinding areas.

I ask again why are people so against grinders? Are you jealous cause you aint as big as the
supermyths? Cause you don't have the time to play as much as them ?
Split up the playerbase ? I can't see how, are you interacting today with the supermyths ? I guess your answer
will be NO .. Then what is the problem? If they grind now in Area X ... and tomorrow maybe in Area Y..
You still wont "see" them.

So do you wanna get rid of the grinders Recoba and Makfly? And decreasing the playerbase.
The game should provide for all type of gamers, RP's, grinders, achievers, whatever's and so on.
(Where did that link go about different type of gamers. I think it was Strider or Laurel posting it)
If you want the grinders or powerplayers as they also are called to stay you need to give them
a carrot. Just like Gorboth is doing now. He has seen that people are leaving. He wants those
players back. Correct me if I am wrong.

Increasing the grinding areas will YES make the supermyths bigger. Cause they play to grind.
So let them ? But it goes VERY SLOW at our level to grow. Trust me I am there. I know what
I am talking about.

I can say that I speak for several people from the current active playerbase with this note.
If you want me to put up names I can do that. But I don't feel it is necessary.

Your turn!

Uther's player.
All comments are made by the player behind Uther, NOT THE CHARACTER UTHER!

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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Recoba » 29 Sep 2011 18:04

Uther, you got me completely wrong, I do NOT want to get rid of the grinders. My point was exactly that I want to keep them in the game, and not move them out to areas/domains that are completely separated from the rest of the playerbase. If the myth-only-domain were made reality, we'd essentially be playing on different muds, having cut the playerbase in half.

Note that what I was suggesting was new challenging areas for the super-grinders within the existing areas and domains in the game, effectively catering to your tastes without moving you completely outside the world the rest of us inhabit.

Then if you meet a roleplayer, no one forces you to stop and talk to them, but at least it's still Genesis, where different player types coexist side by side, everyone doing what they like in a world that's diverse and alive.

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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Ashur » 29 Sep 2011 19:58

I like the idea of updating existing areas to contain more challenging this for the super-myths out there. Places like Middle Earth seem like they could use some love, anyway.

However, updating the existing areas eliminates the realistic opportunity for those on opposite sides to fight together which seems unfortunate.

It seems like there will be some drawback to either way of doing what Gorboth and the other wizards would like to accomplish. You either take the myths to a different continent where there's no chance of us little guys seeing them at all, or you lose the ability to make certain challenges a reality.

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Re: RE: Gorboth on the common board and super-content for my

Post by Makfly » 29 Sep 2011 20:12

I want the game to foster interaction between its players - It is after all a MultiUser Dungeon...

So talking about the stereotypical grinder, I can't say that the game looses much, if one left.
The stereotype is a person that plays the game as a singleplayer game. One who may or may not use bots/scripts, but it doesn't matter as the behavior is basically the same.
If a grinder was happy to just run around in his/her singleplayer-mode, I have no problem with it, but it is certainly not a thing I would want the game to cater to.
But history tells us that grinders want more content, that they can grind again & again. It's only natural.
The problem is that most grinders are already bigger than what the game is geared to handle. Therefore I hope that the Admin would decline a call for more, bigger grinding NPCs. Creating new huge NPCs for the grinders to endlessly kill, just perpetuates the whole problem of stat-inflation that is a big problem is the game already - Not the least due to Genesis being an FFA PvP game by design.

So to put it shortly - I do not want to get rid of any "grinders", but it's a playstyle that I would no nothing to support.
I think grinders gives little to no value to the game and it's community...Perhaps other than a few more names on the "who" list.

Now, why you are upset is beyond me, when the Admin of the game publicly states that he wants to code more NPC for you to grind.
If you got Gorboth on your side, why do you care what other players think?
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