Make Dragons Aggressive!

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Should Dragons be Agressive?

Yes - They should attack the people who are coming to kill them.
No - Keep them as they are.
Maybe - They should be unpredictable and moody.
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Re: Make Dragons Aggressive!

Post by Rhynox » 19 Mar 2010 18:25

Dragonfear doesn't wears off, you continue to have the effect on you until you leave or the dragon dies. If you want to make dragons more "realistic"
  • They should live in extremely hard to access locations, not in an "enter cave" like. This will force wizards to create long tunnels just to battle them.
  • Dragons hoard treasures, so after you kill one you should be able to loot thousands of platinum coins worth in items.
  • They also hoard extremely powerful artifacts, so killing a dragon may give you a wand that can kill anyone with a wave.
  • Dragons don't fight in caves, they prefer open areas. Inside a cave they are so big that can barely move.
  • If they autoattack, then every Krynn place should autoattack. Neidar guards should autoattack any goblinoid, knight guards should autoattack any soldier, etc.
  • A dragon can sense someone coming near, and attack with flames or another elemental from wherever it is. So, four rooms away from the main cave the dragon could turn you into a torch and kill you without you even noticing.
Even if a dragon autoattacks, it bothers me little, unless it is a really big powerful one (Ember or the one in Kalaman) I can kill it in a couple of minutes. And pumping dragons around would make them available only for big people, again inflating the experience problem.

The aggressive dragons are the ones in Neraka and Icewall, that come out of nowhere and attack. Maybe more areas should have them (for example, if an area is conquered by the dragonarmies, have dragons scouting and going down and attacking people).

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