Layman and craft guilds - Some thoughts

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Layman and craft guilds - Some thoughts

Post by Enkil » 27 Apr 2011 22:01

There are alot of thoughts and ideas about layman guilds, what Genesis need and so on.

There are some new additions in the game, that I wish to praise and those are the auction house and the enchanter. They are two global things that adds to trading, which everyone can use. It is very very lovely, and it adds alot to the game experience, regardless of guild, align etc.

About the enchanter, he could very well be an idea for a craftsman guild, add a few skills, and a guild enchanter skill that can withdraw the imbuements from the items, so the member doesn't have to pay the enchanter for it. The member can also be very popular among his friends.

Another thing I miss very much, is alchemy. The code exist and some guilds use it, but to be honest it is not used _that_ much. Most guilds have it as components, and to my knowledge one guild can make potions for other guilds, but it is hardly used.

I think a layman alchemist guild would be great. Suggestions for potions could be healing, refreshing (fatigue), haste. They could also make potions to coat their weapons with (must be impaling or slashing weapons I guess, sorry club users). Those weapons boosts could be acid or poisons. No fatigue poisons please, its not a pvp guild. But the weapons boosts would deal damage randomly at a hit with the weapon. A special attack that hurts, but it should not hurt as much as a physical layman special attack.

Well, just some thoughts, of course there are more things they could do. But the alchemist guild would be able to create potions for everyone to use, they can sell them at the auction house should they wish.

A very funny thing would be to add this alchemist guild and merge it into the sadly dead Trickster guild. Would be nice to add life to that guild.

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Re: Layman and craft guilds - Some thoughts

Post by Fourtcoer » 30 Jun 2011 21:57

Not a layman alchemist guild - an alchemist *craft* guild, IMO.

I'd love to see alchemy used across the board to distill herbs into a more pure format. So, I can herb the sargassum and eat it, or I can use alchemy to mix it into a sargassum elixir that is slightly more potent. For an untrained alchemist, rarely is it worth it, as low skills would come with a chance of botching and destroying your ingredients. A trained alchemist, though, could distill herbal essences into potent elixirs and tinctures. Folks who are really into it could stick Gardener in their layman slot and be specialists in herbing and alchemy both.

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Re: Layman and craft guilds - Some thoughts

Post by Iliana » 30 Jun 2011 22:28

See if I didn't have to have combat xp to grow, I would love to be able to have Iliana be a garderner/alchemist/healer who becomes an honourary member of a guild for however long she wants. She gets none of the guild skill, just a home and rack but has all these nice herbalist, alchemist and healer skills she brings to the table. But then again... back to that nasty old combat xp, she would forever be a titan... or hero most likely since I can't seem to forego dying lately. :D

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