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Rhynox wrote:
I think attacks should be justified. For example, if someone attacked you, it doesn't justify killing three or four guild members because of that. Killing someone smaller or not well versed in pfighting damages the game (and I guess it doesn't give you a feeling of accomplishement).

That is why I think there should be a clear difference between someone who is not interested in pfighting and someone who is, regardless of guild. I have been attacked multiple times, but I never went after the smaller members. That would have been cheap. When the vampires went after me I never aimed at Aimee or Gadez, but instead fought the big ones like Nalfein and Goul. Undeads killed every cleric applicant even if they were just veteran and have never provoked them. That is cheap.

Problem is often that people rather take the easy kills than going after the myth that killed them.

Claiming undeads killed every ScoP applicant is bullshit. Sure Cleric members were killed, but you have to remember
Hektor/Nikiel went after MM apprentices as well, not to mention after smaller Vamps.

I think the problem in this conflict was the pride of the guilds members, nobody wanted to back down, nobody wanted
to settle for peace, they all strived to kill of their enemies. Unfortunatly, most of the players that were killed were -titan
while the myth took very few deaths(3-4 myths died I think)vs the 20-30 smaller people.

But thats war, bigger players start it, smaller members die for it.

14 Mar 2010 19:18
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In regards to what happened in SCop vs undeads, who went for and not, together with not wanting to back down & Lindros comments. Source criticism is well advised. More than one settlement was reached and kept till we got a declaration of war, or had members assassinated (this happens, yes evils can do that:)).

I am not going to bite further into this one though... but.. for the record. Wrong again! I don't think you have much clue on really went on Lindros, or you are out propaganda running again.

Lawful evil - conform or die.

14 Mar 2010 19:24
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Stay on topic. This topic is to answer Gorboth's initial question.

14 Mar 2010 19:43
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Douglas Adams wrote:
"The best way to pick a fight with a Silastic Armorfiend was just to be born. They didn't like it, they got resentful"

We love self criticism - L. F. Vunyukov, "The Tale of the Troika".

14 Mar 2010 20:08
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This has been suggested before multiple times, but worth bringing back: what about if PvP death (besides using time-based recovery) would also take into account the circunstances? For example:

  • Size (statistics shown by Gorboth demonstrate that the size difference is extremely important in pfighting, and that only once someone smaller killed someone bigger). The bigger the killer the less experience it will cost.
  • Team. Just like a team gets experience split when they kill something, if you are killed by a team of four you should lose only 1/4 of experience.
  • Health. Someone who is attacked and killed when he was already terribly hurt shouldn't get full death penalty.
  • Equipment. If an ogre with darksteel armours and two sledgehammers or a knight with a silvanesti, midnight platemail, skull helmet, ermine robe, black boots and ivory and elegant sabres kills someone without armours the experience loss should be different as if such ogre and knight fight and one dies.
  • Kills. If you have killed someone before, it shows you are in game, and therefore if you are killed the experience loss should be increased. This way even if someone has killed dozens of players, whenever he dies he will get a higher experience loss, and someone who has never been interested in pfighting will have a lower loss when killed. Whenever someone dies the "balance" is reset, so you are given an opportunity to be peaceful.
Death penalty should vary, just as experience for killing an orc in Sparkle and an orc in Faerun does. This way you will not only enforce pkillers to battle their equals and that if someone small or who recently returned dies because of a guild conflict, he will not be hit as hard as nowadays. And also it will encourage people to hunt pfighters, knowing that no matter how many they have killed, if they manage to slay him down they will avenge all previous deaths because the system has already marked him for "justice".

14 Mar 2010 20:32

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petros wrote:
Stay on topic. This topic is to answer Gorboth's initial question.

After reading the posts made by some known PvP players I now know that I would be the target to this so called posse.
Being a youngster/newbie that is.

I have knowledge of 4 playerkills lately.4 kills that I have read about upon boards that is.

2 of them involved attacks on a player already severly damaged when another player decided to attack.
2 of them involved a team attacking a single player.
1 of them involved a legend killing a wanderer.

If you think that my math is out of line here you may be right.. ;)
However,among the top 2 we have the same kill counted twice as it was a team attacking an already wounded player.

I can understand if someone that gets attacked and slayed like this gets a bit upset and report it rather sourly.
For example.Take the small wanderer,out on a ship along with another wanderer.A huge kids feels like he wants some amusement.He kills the wanderer and is awarded experience for it?? If actions like that is awarded of course people will choose easy targets to attack,it is safe.I doubt that the small wanderer will have any luck in hunting down the legend player either,no matter if he brings his 2-3 newbie friends along.

There is no honour in attacking a wounded player,neither to slay the youngsters/newbies in a guild.

And if you have like 3-4 players active in a guild,a couple may be youngsters you cant really build a super posse to go after a huge myth.

I have to agree with Rhynox here when it comes to the death issue.The wanderer should have lost close to nothing if you ask me,but I may want to go even further though when it comes to the attacker.If you attack someone that much lower in size,a player that is severly hurt you should not recieve experience at all.
Why cant there be penalties involved for killing newbies? or a wounded player that is alreay terribly hurt?

Maybe a week with just layman skills??

Juts a few thoughts from the newbie side of the game... :)

14 Mar 2010 22:34

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PvPs usually mention that it will lead to abuses (like the newbies insulting older players, or things like that). As I said several times before, such player has no room in Genesis, should be reported and deleted.

14 Mar 2010 22:49
I have never seen or heard of anyone doing a lot of namecalling.
No matter how much built on only qxp and what not, I don't get it.

I mean.. its only words.
You can just go away, and mail the AoP about harrasment.
Because that is just as much harrasment as continued killing is.

All MMORPG's have a way of appealing to the game mechanics, if someone is acting wrong.
Cheating others or somehow harrasing others..
In a game like Genesis, with so few players, it shouldn't be hard to find and punish.

And punishment shouldn't be just on the char that does the harrasment..
It should be on all chars owned by that person, in my mind.
Else people won't care.

14 Mar 2010 23:03

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Rhynox wrote:
PvPs usually mention that it will lead to abuses (like the newbies insulting older players, or things like that). As I said several times before, such player has no room in Genesis, should be reported and deleted.

Yes,I got a very funny example from Wizard Gorboth regarding that matter.I agree to 100%.Newbies just out to insult someone should and will be deleted,I assume that there is rules against sucha behaviour.
Unfourtunately there is no rules against slaying a newbie it seems,which I by the way find just as abusive,or attacking a terribly hurt player.

14 Mar 2010 23:05

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Chamdin wrote:
Why cant there be penalties involved for killing newbies?

I like to stay away from actively commenting in this discussion here, but when I read your post I do need to comment.

The current Wizards do not look lightly on Newbie killing, and without going into details (as they are not relevant) the current Wizards do take an active approach on newbie killing, and it will not happen on their watch, even if it was accidental.

So let not cloud the discussions, the Casualties of War this thread is about is about mortals that just creeped out of newbie status and above.
The killing of a wanderer by a myth will be looked at by the Wizards, rest assured.

My copper,

14 Mar 2010 23:08
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