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Post by Jhael » 04 Jan 2014 03:15

Quick poll/question:

Which is your favorite backpack and why?

Note: I am referring to backpacks only. I understand there are lots of other packs in the realms (scripts, belts, etc), but I just want to know which one you wear on your back. :D

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Re: Backpacks

Post by Karpath » 04 Jan 2014 08:00

The one from Palanthas shopkeeper. Its highly customable and fits well with my chars RP :)
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Re: Backpacks

Post by Kiara » 04 Jan 2014 08:47

Jhael wrote:Quick poll/question:

Which is your favorite backpack and why?

Note: I am referring to backpacks only. I understand there are lots of other packs in the realms (scripts, belts, etc), but I just want to know which one you wear on your back. :D
I've always liked the soft one from Greenoaks. Not only because it's soft on your back, but because it lists your stuff in a neat and organised way. And as you know we kenders love to be organised... uhm...

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Re: Backpacks

Post by Celephias » 05 Jan 2014 01:53

I find the ones made of hobbit hide to be fashionable and practical.

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Re: Backpacks

Post by Becka » 05 Jan 2014 09:42

Celephias wrote:I find the ones made of hobbit hide to be fashionable and practical.

Personally I prefer the ones made out of Elves. Once you give them to Pharazon so he can work his magicks on them you get rid of the initial stench of oppression. (The live Elves that is) Recently I have seen lesser quality packs coming out of the various leatherworkers in our fair city. I believe the issue to be with the Blacksmiths of all people! Apparently they have switched to a size 3 nail instead of using the standard size 2 nail, this has upset the folks down in the dungeon who of course use the new and revised manual of..well..persuasion who specifically points to using a size 2 nail. The folks in the dungeon feel as if they are blamed for a few holes in the hides, while the blacksmiths claims they are just following orders from some "unnamed bloke in a black robe".

Well I better get on this before you see backpacks made out of Magehides (my own) hitting the market.

This is reporter Becka penning this live from the wonderful city of Minas Morgul - Where freedom and compassion lives.

Stay tuned in the following days as I go on the frontlines, embedded with the 4th Uruk platoon, battling the terrorist scum of the West as they try and destroy our beautiful Ithilien. Also maybe a special with an unnamed Nazgul as he speaks candidly about such precious topics such as "What to feed your steed" and "Woodworking - I love it!".

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Re: Backpacks

Post by Ydred » 06 Jan 2014 04:07

Gosh, I leave the Tower and this is what happens to the Blacksmiths?

Complete and utter failure.

The nine ninnies should all be ashamed. I can tell they failed at their new years resolutions.

Instead of whipping blacksmiths into shape they are having Kahve or maybe cocoa and (very) whipped cream on top ... probably stolen from the Union halls.

Reporting from the shadows of Vingaard Keep Forges stay tuned for more breaking news as Barad-Dur falls into disarray.

As for the backpacks I like the best I prefer the ones with pillows and caviar inside.

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Re: Backpacks

Post by Amberlee » 06 Jan 2014 20:30


I have an inclinations towards the ones with gummibears inside.
The views posted by me on this forum is not the views of the character Amberlee in-game.
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Re: Backpacks

Post by Berwyn » 29 Aug 2016 07:04

Code: Select all

> buy strip
That's not on the menu.
Your sensitive mind notices a wrongness in the fabric of space.
The long-armed gore-covered male orc swears loudly.
buy dried meat
You pay 9 silver and 2 copper coins and order yourself a strip of dried meat.
> aav strip
You can't see the inside of Strip.
> buy dried meat
You pay 1 gold coin and order yourself a strip of dried meat.
You get 34 copper coins back.
The long-armed gore-covered male orc says: If ya wants meat and gots money, I
can help!
adjust strips
You adjust strips on the rucksack.
The long-armed gore-covered male orc hacks into the side of horse carcass,
splattering blood all over.

"Tis but a scratch" - Black Knight, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Re: Backpacks

Post by Ody » 29 Aug 2016 21:27

Palanthas for sure. You can stuff messengers in them. You can put anything but quest rewards in them if I'm not mistaken. Very handy.
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Re: Backpacks

Post by Etanukar » 31 Aug 2016 19:05

For shame! The grandmaster of the knights has resorted to smuggling of all things!

There will be anarchy in the streets.

I am with Celephias. The hobbit skinned rucks had copious hair on the inside which tends to add cushion to your wares; such a necessity in your arduous treks across besieged and repressed lands.

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