Blue Command

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Blue Command

Post by Hektor » 05 Dec 2016 23:08

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Blue Army Command.

Blue Command. Normally this would have been a letter, as has been conduct in
the past. You wish to trade in with some public posting - if that means we can
come to terms and you will stick to a policy for more than a week - let us try!

It was speculated if your note even warranted a reply or it was best left with
the litter. Also it was speculated to add some more, direct points to the facts
of history, namely that the last 3 'peace agreements' with the Blue Dragon
Army, two of these with the Spirit Circle of Psuchae were broken deliberately
by the Blue Command - last time it was because the Blue General was - in his
own words 'bored'. 

Now there is a new General just a few days after this note..

One could then have added a longer paragraph of why bothering with any treatise
with individuals that discard any agreements and change policy at a fickle

Yet history and this very note itself proves that such points as 'facts' and
'reason' fall to completely deaf ears with the Blue Command of late. So the
note content at hand itself will simply be addressed.

In the past the Blue Command proclaimed it would instruct others on diplomacy
and 'what it means to negotiate'. Intriguing then that they would even post
official terms of surrender that are rather different from the ones received
now and again via threats from commanding officers or through other sources. 

Even more intriguing that the Blue Command would post them in public rather
than simply contacting the other parties. Is it that you, Blue Command, wish to
entertain the realms with your 'wit of pen', boast your superiority or do more
of your proliferous chest-slamming or is it simply that you know the terms you
presented here are different from the terms you actually have or maybe simply
because the terms are so ultimate and ludicrous in nature that the terms could
be nothing but discarded?

Whatever your motives, fickle and ever changing as they be, - it is not lacking
an interest to negotiate peace and terms or that anyone are more weary of you
than normally that pauses a resolution. It is simply that within the past 2
years you have shown that the word of the Blue Command is null and void. The
respect so carefully built by your predecessors have completely washed away.

So, go back to your rule of the realms and bask in your might. Little well it
shall do you, since you decide to remain loathed and ridiculed for a complete
inability to honor your agreements and showing a judgemental cohesiveness as
with theconsistency of a gibberer drunk on honey juice. 

Supposedly it is enough for you to bask in might rather than actually be

Next steps.
An alternative would be to present some reasonable terms directly to the
parties involved, preferably including why they would trust you to honor it,
the third time.

The Spirit Circle does not speak for the whole Coalition, but if you are
interested in a meaningful resolution, we will listen too.

In addendum.
Will you be another mote, a footnote that desperately try to erase and forget
history, maybe lie about the facts again so they fit your propaganda, or will
you perhaps step up and show that you can and will be a meaningful
organization, rather than a gang of whimsical thugs and bullies?

I shall pray that you find clarity and that we can reach a conclusion to this
war that you, also, started.

In reverence unto the Elementals.
On behalf of the Spirit Circle

the Archon.
Lawful evil - conform or die.

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