Thief Disgrace to fellow Magi

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Thief Disgrace to fellow Magi

Post by Maisey » 17 May 2017 03:05

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There is a thief in the realms today.  He is a renegade Magi.  He is a blemish
to the name of magic.  It is just such self-serving dabblers that do not
deserve the name of wizard that sent magi into the dark ages.

While the Poolbottom School of HIgh Magic has no council and no official
govering body, we as magi must take a stand that our names be not muddied, nor
or our craft muddied by the actions of such renengades.  So I announce here to
the realms, publically, that this is not the way of the true magi.  Certainly
there are those in our guild who do not understand our histories, nor do they
show loyalty to our gods. If we are to honour our gods Paladine, Gliean and
Takhisis, then we must place the return of magic to the realms as our true goal
above all others.

Sgexx is a renagade magi.  He uses our magic in ways contrary to this most
highest law, making him no true magician, but a mere renegade loyal to thieving
and he weaker layman guild.  It is beneath the dignity of our guild to consider
him Magi.  I know not how fellow Magi will respond, they must speak for
themselves.  However, to this Magi, Maisey Magi first, sister, daughter, and
halfling second, he is an enemy to the will of my gods, and enemy to magic.  
He is also enemy not only of our law of supporting magic, but also takes
actions against his fellow Magi.  Robbing thier potions and satchels for his
evil works.

I choose not to defend him, nor stand by him.  Rather I will derail his attemps
to sully our name however I might.  I realize I may bring his wrath with my
post, but better his wrath than that of the gods, for who can live truely, if
without loyalty?

His flagrant disregard for our law make him, in my eyes renegade.  So when
Sgexx is awake in the realms wear your bags, pouches and purses, keep them
closed at all times.
He is a lean pale male human.  I post here NOT because he is a thief,  but
becasue he has turned his Magic against his fellow Magi and against the
interests of our highest law, the progess of Magic in our communities.

Maisey Hedgewitch

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