Delivery office, player economy tool circa 1995

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Delivery office, player economy tool circa 1995

Post by Tarax the Terrible » 07 Jun 2017 01:30

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Tired of killing and questing?!
Become a delivery boy!!

High rates of pay.
Yeah right.

So delivery tours have been around forever and u do one and think well that sucked.
Or you be all devious and open the packet yourself for a similarly underwhelming result.

With recent talk of player economy tools.
Maybe we could dust off this old dinosaur and make it a lot more exciting.

Like an across realms terel defend caravan quest scaled to the players mortal level.
With cash rewards enough to give watching orcs a chance of staying alive for more than 30 seconds after they spawn.

If some were available linked to guilds could be like a mini war system.

Maybe have different levels available linked to mortal level.

Example high lvl, escort this cash of soldiers, arms and equipment from Minas Morgul to the Orc Camp in Bree. If it is a myth requesting the tour the soldiers have chance of having heavy steel clubs, black platemails, maybe even Dukano comes along too. Gets attacked along the way by fort anorien forces, edoras et . Goodies get minas tirith to Bree, haradrim attack and Isengaard

Middle lvl gelan to argos

Middle lvl. Gont guards versus kargs.

Low lvl. Kabal goblins versus watchful humans

Ribos to drakmere type level requiring a team
Join up and help each other with Quests :)

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