Yet another package for mudlet users (alpha)

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Re: Yet another package for mudlet users (alpha)

Post by morgzaash » 15 Feb 2018 19:57

Great work but WaitForShip of mine work on triggers too, without #wait.
Let me explain again (i am terribly at explaining things) :
I want scipt that .
Do_path to the place where _might be some NPC, I want to kill them all if thats possible (theres noone killing them) and do
my way back , wait 2 seconds, and the move on.

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path_to_npc          //path in alias
kill_all_here            //alias that checks if I may kill NPC and if I do - kill them all
path_to_secret_place          //another path in alias
#wait 2000            //need 2 seconds to safly enter , wait MUST start at my arrival at location
path_to_somewhere  //another path in alias
As far as I get mudlet all time triggers start at running alias/script. I don't know how long it will take from start to "secret_place" where i need to wait 2 seconds.
If I put it in another alias would it start to #wait 2000 at my arival (change #wait 2000 to alias which have

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set a timer for 2 second to "enter secret place"
and more important : everything after that alias should wait too ! Or should i do something like :

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set a timer for 2 second to "mega_alias_that_runs_everything_after"

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Re: Yet another package for mudlet users (alpha)

Post by Toferth » 15 Feb 2018 20:56

I don't want to help with botting, but that's not as hard as you think ;)

Jokes aside - can someone move this offtop to new thread so only package updates are discussed here?

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