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Re: Shire NERFED!

Post by Draugor » 08 Apr 2018 20:23

Greneth wrote:
Zugzug wrote:
Ody wrote:Amberlee is right, for eleven years the barrows have been famous for being the best spot in the game to grind for money. It was well known and popular. The "bug" wasn't game breaking. Bottom line is if you didn't notice for eleven years then it's on you. You break it, you buy it. This was an unnecessary"fix" to something that wasn't causing any harm.

I agree, and maybe also make some area with "holy" npcs that drop bugged amount of cash too.

Perhaps each family in drakmere should have 20-30 plats in a chest? Just need to expand the families from current ~10 to maybe 80-90 in total, like the barrows. Keep them holy, of course.

Who would get hurt with a change like that? /sarcasm
They do, it's called Tower of Arms that drops upwards of 25 gold. Which can also be very very easily stolen too I might add.

Hence why I was curious if places like Tower of Arms, Haven Dwarves and even Qualinesti which the Dwarves were already once nerfed for the amount of gold they dropped and then removed years ago and now the gold was brought back. While Qualinesti drops between a plat to a plat and a half.

You compare those rates with other places around the donut and they pay extremely well also.
To begin with, quali hurts. THose elves are nasty. So them dropping that much is not bad since you will need to repair. They are very proportional to pain vs cash. Before when they didnt see in darkness (10? years ago?) It was DEFFO an overpowered area. Now, its one of few actually balanced grinders. Decent cash, nothing insane, good damage mobs and not good or bad xp, its decent.
Looting elves is damn nice aswell but you REALLY want a horse, so I usually poke newbies untill they loot it :P

And ToA is useless unless you've got above AG lvl pickpocket or is under titan. Up untill that tho its stupidly good for cash. Especially if you're a thief, then it can be completely insane if you bother looting.
Wich is partly why ToA is such a bullcraparea.
Wights dropped the same cash no matter what. Still a bad nerf.

Dwarves mainly drop silver now tbh, few gold if lucky, encumbered as a mofo when you leave, so for pure cash its a bad grind unless you wanna lugg around 3-4K in silver, decent imbueplace tho and ogreskulls. Like elves, I usually poke newbies to loot it after me. Tons of silver and stuff to sell for em.

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Re: Shire NERFED!

Post by Johnny » 09 Apr 2018 18:50

The loot the wights drop is still quite valuable. It would just be a pain looting it all. But, for the larger people. Trollshaws! Troll Shop and your typical greedy dwarf money changer right in the caves. If I remember right it's about 180 platinum after looting everything and minimizing the coins.

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