Arch Cat

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Arch Cat

Post by Postmaster » 18 Oct 2020 08:56

Originally posted by Zillian

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There's a stripey old fey cat -- watchin' all sly
and everything we do is caught by its eyes;
Be you Myth or Legend -- it aint no thing
you know the Law: Cats can look at Kings.

Fey cat strut -- yeah it's a hoopy cat
It's a feline tightrope walker, and that's a fact,
balancing's its business, wherever it cares,
and it struts right by with its tail in the air.

It don't bother grinding round in town...
slinkin' down the alleyway, looking at the fights
pondering the exploits, nerfin' darkness and light;
Singin' the blues while everyone cries
"Damn fey cat -- its not fair how we die!"
...under its Arch we're kept carefully wild
'coz its got cat class and its got cat style!

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Re: Arch Cat

Post by Arman » 18 Oct 2020 10:41

Now that is one fine ditty! Worthy of recital down at Kardinia Park!

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