Newbies and newbie helpers, please read this!

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Newbies and newbie helpers, please read this!

Post by Cherek » 28 Sep 2015 04:13

First of all, great work everyone who's active on the nline. Even though wizards don't show up on it, I often listen in, and try to help out when nobody else answers first. Which is not often, because you helpers are usually very quick to help!

Now, a number of wizards have made a bunch of both big and small improvements and changes the last few months that I thought you should be aware of when helping newbies.

All armours and weapons in the tutorial are now much lighter, making both looting and moving around with equipment easier. Also, I have downgraded the vampire quite a bit. We noticed many struggled too much, especially if you picked a weaker combat race like elf or gnome, and especially if you focused on your mentals. So, the vampire should now be killable by any newbie who only has the quest XP you get until that point, regardless of stat focus. The only thing required to kill the vampire now is garlic, and maxed defence + unarmed combat or a weapon skill. Healing herbs, alcohol, etc, might be helpful, but should not really be needed. Nor is armours or weapons. So, when newbies ask how to kill the vampire. Know it's much easier now, and all they need is to max their fighting skills. (If they've picked a good fighting race, probably not even that).

Tedare has implemented quest orbs in the tutorial. They can be found at the Mayor's house, and just as quest orbs in the real world they give hints, and completed quests show up, so newbies know when they've finished all quests. So from now on you can always direct people there when they ask the common "Should I leave the tutorial?" question. Another change by Tedare is the elf (Hetzel) you first encounter now sends people off to see the mayor right away to start the vampire quest. So super-fresh newbies who are clueless about what to do should now be introduced much quicker to the story of the tutorial. See feel free to direct people to the elf as well. (He is found 2 north from the hilltop newbies start the game).

As most of you have probably noticed the small orc camp in the Shire is now located south of Bree for easier access. (Thanks Eowul and Varian). There is a ship from Grey Havens to the camp which is now located in an area known as Sarn Ford.

A while ago I turned the circle line from Berth A in Sparkle into a kind of newbie grinding line, since it now goes to Sarn Ford, and then to Town of Last and the Kobolds there. Mirandus has also mapped the Kobold area, making it easy to find from the piers.

Just days ago we opened up Mirandus new newbie grinding area west of Palanthas. Some good and evil dwarves apparently fight about an old mine there. It's a great spot for greenhorne-wanderers to make pretty good XP and money, and there is one area for goodies and one for evils, so it's also pretty good for newbies who want to switch align. Something people have complained on is lacking. The new area can be reached by a new path west from the Palanthas piers without even having to enter the city itself. (it says "to Moors" on the map when you leave the ship from Sparkle). Yes, for those who did not know, a few months ago Mortis added an airship line from Sparkle directly to Palanthas from a new pier located just north of the Raumdor pier, making both Palanthas and this newbie area easily reachable. The Palanthas shop and bank is also near the dwarf area, which is good for the money-needing newbie.

So... when newbies ask where to grind in the real world, Sparkle Orcs, Kobolds and the Dwarves west of Palanthas are good spots for people fresh out of the tutorial. Orcs in Sarn Ford is great when they've grown a level or two. For money making all the above mentioned areas, expect maybe Kobolds, are good choices.

Stay tuned for more changes and updates concerning the tutorial and other newbie related areas. We're not done imprving newbie life just yet!

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