Zabijaka's Academy - student's review

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Zabijaka's Academy - student's review

Post by Sibbedidenn » 17 Mar 2019 15:14

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Dear Reader,

The well prepared points on Gont were easily grasped and informative; covering
lore sources of the area, hunting npcs strength, quest npc locations, notable
items in the area, recommended grinding ground levels, as well as the
opportunity to pose questions during the lesson.

He is very generous in pointing out where good loot is, teaching students how
to get geared.

Highly recommended, a great boon of both knowledge and spirit, join us Sunday
at 12 o'clock outside Sparkle church. As kind and patient as he is
knowledgeable, teaching while leading a great hunting party, Zabijaka is a
wonderful teacher. If you are small or a bigger newbie like me (Great
Adventurer), I imagine you will benefit.

Yours, Sib

ATTENTION: I have not conversed with Zabijaka about lesson times and previous
lesson locations. They are subject to change and this board as well as other
notices by Zabijaka should be referenced. As of this posting, all
aforementioned lesson times and start locations are believed to be accurate.

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