Re: An ode to Adregar the Red

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Re: An ode to Adregar the Red

Post by Tulasi » 28 Sep 2019 15:39

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Adregar, formerly of the Red,

How you filled a void,
being juvenile and annoyed,
with behaveour that should be avoid.

Yet being to much a prude,
you thought you'd be shrewd,
but ended up being booed.

Thustly you chose to depart,
just because you weren't too smart,
Why couldn't you have done that from the start?

In reality, he wasn't that great a wizard, he had potential, but not the
wisdom, patience or insight.

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What's up with every big-player area being alignment nerfed from evil mobs to neutral or almost neutral while the good mobs stay good?

Examples like Ghastly Keep undeads and Terel Trolls can be mentioned on the "why are these almost neutral?"

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