Should my good name be sullied

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Should my good name be sullied

Post by Syviis » 07 Jul 2020 06:28

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Daenir: The House of Elrond does not take theft lightly, and what you have
experienced isn't enough to be considered justice for what you have done to me.
In context, Daenir here - one who does not deserve to be of our kin - has
stolen 12 valuable items of mine which I had stored in the racks. I am all for
borrowing items, but stealing and auctioning them off is unforgivable.

I will admit that I had sent the mercenary named Evian to attack him, but death
is least of what this disgrace of an elf deserves. Even so, any further blood
of his that is spilt will not be of my doing, for one death is enough to make
me feel like I have gotten my point across -- even if he does not seem to
absorb the lesson, nor have even the smallest hint of a moral compass, despite
it all.

At first I had wrongly accused one of our sisters for the theft, and have now
come to realize that she was no thief. Daenir, on the other hand, was caught
red-handed. Not only is he a thief, but a liar whom I attempted to resolve the
issue peacefully with at first, by speaking to him, and asking for either proof
of innocence, or admittance of guilt. He refused and walked out on me. Because
of this, I decided to enter the auction tent, invisible, to see whether or not
he was the thief on the day his prize money was due - and with my own eyes, I
saw him receive the sum of how much my items were auctioned for:

The clever broad-shouldered dwarf rumbles: Welcome, a young travel-worn male
elf! Please stay here, I have something for you.
The clever broad-shouldered dwarf rumbles: I have some money for you, a young
travel-worn male elf. Wait right there.
The clever broad-shouldered dwarf walks behind the counter.
The clever broad-shouldered dwarf returns from behind the counter.
The clever broad-shouldered dwarf rumbles: I have one thousand three hundred
thirty-six platinum for you.
The clever broad-shouldered dwarf rumbles: Here ye go.
The clever broad-shouldered dwarf gives a heap of platinum coins to a young
travel-worn male elf.

This is no newbie killing, but a thief's punishment.

Beware of this thief should you share halls with him.
Syviis of the Noldor and Scribe to the House of Elrond

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