Unusual crimson silk robe

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Unusual crimson silk robe

Post by Postmaster » 02 Aug 2021 18:49

Originally posted by Zeze

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Heylo pals!

It's really strange that old pal Rommik can't work much like he used to it
seems. How do I know that? Well, he dropped an unusual crimson silk robe since
his hands were full to get my very unique imbued sword!

So it seems that this piece is not very lovely for the owner since s/he wanted
to put it on auction; but I'm no thief!! ( Shame on the people who think
kenders are handsy)

So if you want to claim the robe is yours, please send me a mail including what
imbue it has so I can deliver it to you. Uhm I'll keep it in my pouch as long
as I find the owner or well err---- if it gets very heavy i might give it to
Rommik as well in a week.

Happy adventuring!
Zeze Wanderfuss

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