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1.3 The preprocessor

The preprocessor is not a part of the LPC language proper. It's a special process that is run before the actual compilation of the program occurs. Basically it can be seen as a very smart string replacer; Specified strings in the code is replaced by other strings.

All preprocessor directives are given as strings starting with the character `#' on the first column of the line. You can put them anywhere, but as you'll be told later most of them do belong in the beginning of the code.

NB! I's easy to write very confusing code with the preprocessor. I'm going to speak more about this in the last chapter, so be warned!

1.3.1 The #include statement  
1.3.2 The #define statement  The #define and undef statement
1.3.3 The #if, #ifdef, #ifndef, #else and #elseif statements  
1.3.4 What not to do with the preprocessor  

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