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by Darken Rahl
18 Sep 2019 15:32
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Change of herb limits?
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Re: Change of herb limits?

The fact that you can easily get hold of several thousand attanars is the real problem I think... That precludes individual herbs from being very powerful Maybe we could do something to actually have powerful rare herbs again... If I understand this correctly you plan to change the chance to get a ...
by Darken Rahl
18 Sep 2019 08:33
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Change of herb limits?
Replies: 10
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Change of herb limits?

Greetings all. I don't know if this version have been up for discussion regarding herbs. I've been thinking a lot of how we can change the limit of consuming only 1 herb/minute. It is kinda wrong that you only can eat 1 blueberry, blackberry or any other herb per minute. I know why it was implemente...
by Darken Rahl
27 Jul 2019 12:46
Forum: Game - Guilds
Topic: The Army of Angmar needs a new name.
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Re: The Army of Angmar needs a new name.

Hilarious names :P
by Darken Rahl
31 May 2019 20:17
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Regarding quest experience
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Re: Regarding quest experience

I think I read somewhere on the forums that you can fix this "Questissues", that ONLY the biggest player has, cause he ranting about it a lot, by just make the all questrewards added together and then you do the multiple. On the other hand Questexp doesn't matter shit once you hit very violent-ish ,...
by Darken Rahl
10 Oct 2018 09:20
Forum: Game - General
Topic: If the game were nerfed ...
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Re: If the game were nerfed ...

I have voted NO on this, for the moment. There is only "one" solution to this and that is setup genesis on a second server. Nerf it on that server. Let people login on that server too and let them play. Run it for 3-4 months. Then you make an evaluation and THEN you have the vote on this. Not before...
by Darken Rahl
18 Aug 2018 12:28
Forum: Game - Technical
Topic: -- More -- 100/181 -- (<cr> t b r n a <num> q x !<cmd> h ?)
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Re: -- More -- 100/181 -- (<cr> t b r n a <num> q x !<cmd> h

Seems like the <options morelength> is gone ?
by Darken Rahl
18 Aug 2018 12:22
Forum: Common Board
Topic: PC Gamer to feature Genesis
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Re: PC Gamer to feature Genesis

Cherek and I proofread and offered feedback on the article, which has now been redrafted and finalized and submitted to PC Gamer. The final version is improved in terms of accuracy, and includes a few important mentions that were missing from the original (like mentioning Lars!) It is good beyond h...
by Darken Rahl
29 Jul 2018 10:47
Forum: Promoting Genesis
Topic: PC Gamer
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Re: PC Gamer

Luma wrote:
Amberlee wrote:
Cherek wrote:I am gonna do a new grinding area with twice the Xp of GK, and each time you want to visit it you need to finish a Cadu-maze kind of quest first. Best of two worlds!:)

I will actually come find you and slap you with a trout in true Monty Python style..
Schlip! Schlap!
Go for it Cherek!
by Darken Rahl
19 May 2018 21:24
Forum: Game - General
Topic: Quickness indicator on Vitals
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Re: Quickness indicator on Vitals

Perhaps the last steps are bigger and bigger...
by Darken Rahl
23 Mar 2018 16:05
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Combat speed
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Re: Combat speed

I sense the classical envy reeking in this thread...